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Rolls MSC106 Mic Stand Clamp for Accessories

Microphone Stand Bracket with Tension Adjustment Screw
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MSC 106


  • Mount most any small device to a Mic stand
  • Works with shafts up to 5/8" diameter
  • Made from heavy metal (.090 steel)

Enhance Your Setup with Rolls MSC106 Mic Stand Clamp:
Unleash the full potential of your audio accessories with the Rolls MSC106 Mic Stand Clamp. This ingenious stand bracket, equipped with a tension adjustment screw, is meticulously designed to accommodate a range of Rolls accessories such as the PM50s, PM351, HA43 Pro, and more. Crafted from robust thick steel, the MSC106 ensures durability and strength, providing you with a reliable solution for optimizing your audio workflow.

Versatile Attachment for Seamless Operation:
Designed with convenience in mind, the MSC106 boasts two strategically placed holes for secure attachment to the back of your accessory products. Whether you're a musician, podcaster, or audio professional, this mic stand clamp opens up new possibilities for positioning your gear. Easily mount it to microphone stands, music stands, or any apparatus with a shaft up to 5/8" in diameter.

Maximize Efficiency in Any Setup:
The MSC106 isn't just a clamp; it's a tool to enhance your efficiency. By offering a seamless attachment point for your accessories, it transforms any mic stand into a versatile workstation. Whether you need quick access to your headphone amplifier, personal monitor mixer, or audio interface, the MSC106 ensures everything is within arm's reach.

Specifications for Robust Performance:
Delve into the specifications that define the MSC106's robust performance. Crafted from heavy metal (.090 steel), this mic stand clamp ensures longevity and resilience in various environments. Its ability to mount most small devices to a mic stand makes it an indispensable accessory for those who demand flexibility in their setups.

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