On-Stage Stands AP3500 Acoustic Panel for Professional Applications

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Durable, Hardened Edges Maintain a Square Shape with Mounting Hardware for Secure Installation

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  • Reduces acoustic distortion for clear speaker sound
  • Burn-resistant material with Class A fire rating
  • Hardened edges maintain a square shape for durability
  • Includes mounting hardware for secure installation
  • High-density, Class A fire-rated acoustic fiberglass

Immerse Yourself in Pure Sound:
Step into the world of pristine audio with the On-Stage Stands AP3500 Acoustic Panel, crafted for professional applications. Transform your recording studio, control room, or home theater into an acoustic haven, free from distortions that compromise sound quality. This acoustic panel is your key to unlocking the true potential of your speakers, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience.

Defeat Acoustic Distortion with Precision:
Designed to combat acoustic challenges, the AP3500 is a powerful tool in the fight against reflections, flutter echo, and comb filtering. When strategically mounted on a room's hard surfaces, this acoustic panel absorbs sound, creating a balanced and distortion-free acoustic environment. Experience audio as it's meant to be heard, without the interference of unwanted reverberations.

Safety Meets Aesthetics:
Crafted with safety and aesthetics in mind, the AP3500 is constructed from burn-resistant material with a Class A fire rating. This not only ensures compliance with building codes but also provides peace of mind as you create your ideal audio space. The hardened edges of the panel maintain a square shape, preventing any drooping or drifting out of place, guaranteeing a lasting and effective solution.

Applications and Potential Uses:
Whether you're a professional sound engineer, a home studio enthusiast, or a cinephile creating a cinematic oasis, the AP3500 is your go-to solution. Perfect for recording studios, control rooms, and home theaters, this acoustic panel enhances the clarity and purity of speaker sound. Elevate your audio experience and unlock the full potential of your listening space with this essential acoustic treatment.

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