Mackie M-Caster Studio Live Streaming Mixer - White

Mackie MainStream Video Streaming Interface

Complete Live Streaming and Video Capture Interface with Programmable Control Keys
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  • Tailored for gamers and A/V streaming with optimal interface design
  • Comprehensive USB-C and HDMI connectivity for all your devices
  • Direct monitoring and live sound feedback with stereo outputs and headset connections
  • Customizable backlit buttons to match your gaming space and mood
  • Easy level adjustments for a balanced and immersive stream
  • Programmable triggers for a unique and engaging streaming experience
  • Mackie Matrix software for expansive creative control and production possibilities
  • Broad compatibility ensures seamless integration with your favorite platforms

Elevate Your Streaming Game
Step into the future of live streaming with the Mackie MainStream interface, a compact yet powerful desktop workstation designed to harmonize every aspect of your production. Whether you're a video game streamer or a content creator looking to enhance your audience's experience, the MainStream is your ticket to a seamless and engaging broadcast. With its intuitive design and vibrant charisma, this interface ensures your game feed, microphone, and video cameras are perfectly synced with your creative flow.

Seamless Integration for Dynamic Content
The Mackie MainStream is built for creators who demand versatility and ease of use. With a wide array of USB, HDMI, and audio connections, integrating your devices and gear is effortless. Trigger samples, switch camera views, and adjust levels on the fly to keep your production energetic and professional. The included Mackie Matrix software further customizes your workflow, enabling detailed streams that captivate and retain your audience.

Designed for Creators
From its vibrant backlit buttons to the comprehensive control station, every detail of the MainStream is crafted with creators in mind. The interface's layout is not just visually appealing but also incredibly user-friendly, allowing for easy adjustments of video, HDMI feed, microphone, and headset levels. Mute buttons and programmable triggers offer complete control over your stream's audio and visual elements, ensuring a polished and professional output every time.

Unmatched Compatibility and Connectivity
The Mackie MainStream doesn't just excel in functionality; it's also a champion of connectivity. Compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox, it bridges the gap between various platforms for a unified streaming experience. USB-C inputs and outputs, HDMI connections, L/R stereo outputs, and an XLR combo jack provide all the connections you need for a dynamic and interactive stream.

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