Angry Audio 994001 RAVE! Radio Mixing Console

Angry Audio 994001 RAVE! Radio Mixing Console


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Mackie DLZ Creator XS Compact 6-channel Digital Mixer

6-channel Digital Mixer with 2 Mic Preamps, 4 Assignable Rotary Knobs, 6 Assignable Pads, 7" Touch Screen, and 3 Operating Modes
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DLZ Creator XS


  • Compact design ideal for podcasts, streaming, and content creation
  • 7-inch touch display and rotary encoders for tactile control
  • Comprehensive audio processing with 3-band EQ, compression, reverb, and more
  • Three user modes cater to all levels of production experience
  • Assignable pads for quick sound effects and function activation
  • Mix Agent and AutoMix for easy setup and automatic gain management
  • NDI compatibility for integration into dual PC setups or networked environments

Master Your Audio with Ease
Dive into the world of professional audio recording with the Mackie DLZ Creator XS, a compact digital mixer that brings studio-quality sound to creators of all skill levels. Designed as a space-efficient alternative to the larger DLZ Creator, this 6-channel powerhouse retains the exceptional audio quality Mackie is known for, packed into a sleek chassis. With its intuitive 7-inch touchscreen and assignable rotary encoders, the DLZ Creator XS offers hands-on control over every sound parameter, making it a dream for content creators aiming for perfection in their productions.

Tailored Operating Modes for Every Creator
The DLZ Creator XS is engineered to adapt to your expertise. Mackie introduces three distinct operating modes, ensuring that whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll find the perfect setting to enhance your work:

  • Easy Mode simplifies the process, offering automated setups and a task-based workflow ideal for those new to mixing.
  • Enhanced Mode strikes a balance, providing more control over your mix with deeper processing and effects management without overwhelming you with complexity.
  • Pro Mode unlocks the full potential of the mixer, giving experienced users complete command over EQ, effects, and more, including access to two independent headphone buses for detailed monitoring.

Innovative Features for Streamlined Content Creation
The DLZ Creator XS is not just about mixing; it's about enhancing your content creation process. The innovative Mix Agent feature guides you through setup, ensuring your sources are clear and balanced. AutoMix takes care of level management for multiple microphones, perfect for interviews or co-hosted podcasts, by automatically adjusting gains and minimizing background noise when not in use.

Designed for the Modern Creator
Mackie has meticulously designed the DLZ Creator XS to meet the demands of today's content creators. With support for multiple languages and equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, this mixer breaks down barriers to creativity. Assignable pads provide instant access to samples, sound effects, and essential controls, while the "locals only" function offers privacy when needed. Additionally, the DLZ Creator XS is ready for complex setups, including dual-computer configurations, thanks to its NDI functionality for seamless audio integration across devices.

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