Electro-Voice EVOLVE30M-W Portable Powered Column System (White) with Sennheiser e 835-S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone (On/Off Switch), On-Stage Stands MS7201B Round Base Mic Stand, 20' XLR Cable and 25' Instrument Cable


Electro-Voice ZLX-15P-G2 1000W 15-inch Powered Bluetooth Speaker with ZLX-15-G2 Cover

Electro-Voice ZLX-15P-G2 1000W 15-inch Powered Bluetooth Speaker with ZLX-G2 Mounting Bracket

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Unlock premium sound and convenience with our Electro-Voice ZLX-15P-G2 Speaker Bundle, featuring Bluetooth connectivity, mounting bracket, and XLR cable

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  • Dual 1,000-watt ZLX-15P-G2 powered speakers for dynamic and powerful sound
  • 15-inch woofer and 1.4-inch compression driver for balanced audio output
  • Enhanced audio fidelity with patented Signal Synchronized Transducers
  • 4-channel digital mixer with DSP for precise sound customization
  • QuickSmart Mobile app for easy monitoring and control
  • Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo for effortless audio streaming
  • Versatile mounting options with ZLX-G2 bracket for optimal speaker positioning compatible with ZLX-15P-G2, ZLX-15-G2, ZLX-12P-G2, and ZLX-12-G2 loudspeakers
  • 20' XLR cable with high-quality Neutrik connectors for reliable sound transmission

Elevate Your Sound with the Ultimate Electro-Voice Bundle
Step into a world where premium sound quality meets unparalleled convenience with our Electro-Voice ZLX-15P-G2 1000W 15-inch Powered Bluetooth Speaker bundle. This comprehensive package not only includes the acclaimed ZLX-15P-G2 speakers but also comes equipped with a ZLX-G2 mounting brackets and a 20' XLR cable, ensuring you have everything you need for an exceptional auditory experience. Whether you're setting up for a live concert, a corporate event, or an intimate gathering, this bundle delivers convenience, quality, and versatility straight out of the box.

Unmatched Audio Performance
The ZLX-15P-G2 speakers are at the heart of this bundle, boasting a 1,000-watt power capacity, a 15-inch woofer for deep lows, and a 1.4-inch compression driver for crisp highs. Patented Signal Synchronized Transducers enhance fidelity and acoustic dispersion, ensuring your audience enjoys superior sound quality. With an updated 4-channel mixer, onboard effects, and DSP, these speakers allow you to refine your sound to perfection, making them ideal for performers who demand the best.

Seamless Control and Connectivity
Take advantage of the Electro-Voice QuickSmart Mobile app to effortlessly monitor and control your speaker performance from your smart device. This feature, combined with the True Wireless Stereo function, allows for easy streaming of stereo music via Bluetooth, adding a layer of convenience for both setup and live performance. The inclusion of a 20' XLR cable with Neutrik connectors ensures your setup is not only versatile but also maintains the highest quality of sound transmission.

Versatile Installation Options
With the ZLX-G2 mounting bracket, you unlock limitless placement possibilities. Designed to securely mount your ZLX G2 loudspeakers on walls, ceilings, poles, pipes, or trusses, these brackets offer the flexibility to optimize sound performance in any space. Whether enhancing audio in a concert hall or a conference room, the ZLX-G2-BRKT provides a stable setup that maximizes sound quality and coverage, ensuring your speakers perform optimally in any environment.

Designed for Durability and Aesthetics
The robust design of the ZLX-G2 mounting brackets not only ensures your speakers are securely held in place but also complements their build quality. This seamless integration maintains the sleek, professional look of your audio setup, providing peace of mind and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space. This bundle is engineered specifically for Electro-Voice excellence, guaranteeing a perfect fit and unmatched durability.

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