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Electro-Voice RE320 Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Microphone with Runway Pro Audio HPF-2BK RoXdon Metal Pop Filter (Black) and XLR Cable

Electro-Voice RE320 Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Microphone with 309A Suspension Shock Mount and 2x XLR Cables

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Elevate your audio recordings with our professional bundle, featuring the Electro-Voice RE320 microphone and 309A shock mount.

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RE320, 309A, XLRs


  • Achieve unparalleled recording versatility and quality
  • Eliminate proximity effect with advanced Variable-D technology
  • Enjoy noise-free performance with integrated humbucking coil and pop filters
  • Benefit from dual-voicing capabilities for a wide range of applications
  • Experience exceptional tonal precision across various vocal and instrumental sources
  • Ensure microphone stability with the 309A shock mount, designed to absorb shocks and vibrations
  • Enjoy easy setup and sleek design, complementing any professional environment

Unleash the Ultimate Recording Experience
Step into the realm of professional audio with a bundle that redefines convenience and quality. This exclusive package combines the Electro-Voice RE320 Variable-D Dynamic Vocal and Instrument Microphone with the Electro-Voice 309A shock mount, offering an unparalleled recording experience. Designed for both studio and live settings, this duo ensures your sound is captured with precision and clarity, free from unwanted noise and vibrations.

Elevate Your Sound
The RE320 microphone, with its neodymium capsule, is adept at handling high SPL levels, capturing everything from the explosive power of amplifier cabinets to the subtle nuances of vocals and percussion. Its innovative kick drum curve switch tailors the frequency response for bass drums and select voices, ensuring your recordings have depth and accuracy. Paired with the 309A shock mount, your microphone remains isolated from physical disturbances, guaranteeing pristine sound quality in every recording.

Versatility Meets Professionalism
Whether you're laying down tracks in the studio, conducting interviews, or capturing live performances, this bundle adapts to your needs. The RE320's Variable-D tonal response combats the proximity effect, offering an even tonal response across a wide range of sources. Meanwhile, the 309A shock mount's compatibility with RE20 and RE27N/D microphones, along with its robust construction, makes it a versatile and indispensable tool for professionals across the board.

Designed for Excellence
Beyond its functional superiority, the sleek black design of the 309A shock mount adds a touch of professionalism to your setup, while the RE320 comes nestled in a protective hard case, ensuring your gear remains safe and sound. This bundle not only elevates your recordings but also your recording environment, marrying aesthetics with performance.

Applications and Potential Unleashed
Imagine capturing every drum beat, guitar riff, and vocal nuance with unmatched clarity and depth, or delivering podcasts and broadcasts that stand out for their crystal-clear sound quality. This bundle is not just about recording; it's about creating experiences that resonate with authenticity and emotion. It's an essential investment for musicians, podcasters, and broadcasters aiming to elevate their audio production to professional heights.

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MPN RE320, 309A, XLRs
Color Black
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