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Electro-Voice Everse 8 Tray - Black

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Accessory Tray for Everse 8 PA Speakers with Built-in DC Power Jack, Secure Hook-and-Loop Strap, Compatible with RE3 and R300 Wireless Systems: Ensures organized storage and power supply for your audio gear, features easy and secure attachment, and is available in various colors for customization.

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  • Tailored for use with Everse 8 PA speakers and the Everse 8 padded tote bag
  • Ideal for storing and transporting RE3 or R300 wireless systems and accessories
  • Includes a built-in DC power jack compatible with RE3 and R300 systems
  • Features a hook-and-loop strap for securing accessories quickly
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit your style

Maximize Your Everse 8's Utility with a Custom Accessory Tray
Elevate your live-sound setup with the Electro-Voice EVERSE8-TRAY-B, the perfect complement to your Everse 8 PA speakers. This official Electro-Voice accessory tray simplifies the organization and transportation of your live-sound gear, enhancing efficiency and convenience at every performance.

Designed for Seamless Compatibility
Specifically crafted to integrate with the Everse 8 Padded Tote Bag, the EVERSE8-TRAY-B provides a snug and secure fit for essential audio equipment. Its design is particularly well-suited for housing Electro-Voice wireless systems like the RE3 and R300, making it an indispensable part of your audio rig.

Functional Features for Professionals
Equipped with a built-in DC power jack, the tray supports direct power connectivity for the RE3 and R300 systems, reducing the clutter of cables and ensuring your setup is as streamlined as possible. This feature not only simplifies your setup but also enhances the reliability of your equipment during live performances.

Secure Your Equipment in Style
Available in multiple colors to match your style or differentiate between kits, the EVERSE8-TRAY-B also includes a top hook-and-loop strap. This allows for quick and secure fastening of your equipment, ensuring everything stays in place whether you're on the move or in the middle of a set.

Versatile and Practical
Whether you're a touring professional or a venue technician, this tray is an essential tool for keeping your live sound accessories organized and ready at a moment's notice. Its practical design and compatibility features make it a must-have for any serious audio professional.

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