Eartec UL4S UltraLITE 4 Person Wireless Intercom – Full Duplex


Eartec HUB514 UltraLITE & HUB 5 person system w/ 1 Single 4 Double Headsets, batteries, charger & case

Eartec UL5S 5-Person Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom with 5 UltraLITE Single-Ear Headsets

5 Person wireless intercom system w/ 5 Single Headsets, batteries, charger & case
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  • Tailored intercom system designed for a 5-member team
  • Elimination of external wires and belt-worn components
  • A balanced design with one single-ear master headset and four remote headsets
  • Efficient rechargeable batteries ensure uninterrupted communication
  • The 8-Bay Multi-Port Charger assures rapid battery recharging
  • Convenient storage with a soft medium case

Simplified Communication with Eartec UL5S
Dive into the world of hassle-free communication with the Eartec UL5S - a robust full-duplex wireless intercom designed for a team of five. The package encompasses one single-ear master headset for the team leader and four single-ear remote headsets for the team members, ensuring clear conversations even in the most challenging conditions.

Integrated Technology for Enhanced Mobility
Bidding adieu to external wires and belt-worn components, all vital technology, including the battery, is smartly embedded within the ear cups of the headset. This not only streamlines operation but also enhances user mobility, making it perfect for dynamic work environments.

Mastering the Art of Listening and Speaking
The USA version UltraLITE Single-Ear Master and Remote Headsets are more than just replacements. They stand as pillars of uninterrupted two-way voice communication. While they allow users to engage in simultaneous conversations, they also keep one ear free. This balance ensures users can work with their hands and still stay alert to surrounding sounds. No more choosing between communication and awareness.

Say No to Ambient Noise
The in-built noise-cancelling microphone in the headsets filters out background disturbances, ensuring every word uttered is received with utmost clarity. This feature proves crucial, especially in noise-laden environments.

Power Up with the 8-Port Multi-Charger
The Eartec 8-Port Multi-Charger is a beacon of convenience. It can simultaneously recharge the batteries for UltraLITE, UltraPAK, and HUB. With LED indicators signaling the battery status, users are always aware of when their equipment is charged and ready for action. And with a swift charge time of about three hours, downtime remains minimal.

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