Eartec UL3S UltraLITE 3 Person Wireless Intercom - Full Duplex


Eartec UL5S 5-Person Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom with 5 UltraLITE Single-Ear Headsets

Eartec UL4S UltraLITE 4 Person Wireless Intercom – Full Duplex


4 Person Wireless Intercom – Full Duplex w/ 4 Single Headsets, batteries, charger & case

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  • Exceptional coverage of up to ¼ mile
  • Digital 1900 MHz band ensures zero interference
  • Field-replaceable Li-Poly batteries with a robust 6-hour lifespan
  • Versatile 270-degree rotating Mic Boom, adaptable for either ear
  • Mute your mic effortlessly with a simple mic boom movement
  • Straightforward volume control with up/down push buttons
  • Built to brave the outdoors with silicone sealing
  • Designed for comfort, perfect for an 8-hour shift
  • Expand and customize as your team grows

Unlock Seamless Communication with UltraLITE
Embrace the future of communication with the UltraLITE self-contained headsets, the epitome of hands-free, full duplex wireless voice connectivity. Whether you're coordinating a high-stakes task or simply conversing on-the-go, UltraLITE promises unparalleled clarity and consistency.

All-In-One Marvel
The brilliance of UltraLITE lies in its revolutionary design. By housing the transceiver directly within the ear cup, it eliminates the need for external wires and belt-worn radios. This unique feature ensures users can move freely while maintaining uninterrupted full duplex voice communication.

Instant Connectivity for Teams
UltraLITE isn’t just about individual brilliance, but also about fostering team communication. With its instantaneous wireless connection, crew members can converse without the hassle of pushing buttons. The specialty "MAIN" headset plays a pivotal role, channeling digital signals to and from up to four “Remote” units, allowing as many as 5 individuals to converse simultaneously.

Smart Mic with AutoMUTE
UltraLITE is equipped with EARTEC’s signature Auto Mute Mic boom technology. This innovation ensures that when the mic is swung to the UP position, it auto-mutes, offering users a hassle-free way to silence their microphone.

Power That Lasts
Worried about running out of battery during crucial moments? The Lithium Polymer batteries, which come included, can be charged externally and replaced in the field. Keeping spare batteries extends your communication time limitlessly. And with the multi-port charger's LED indicators, you know exactly when your battery is ready for action.

Growth-Oriented Design
As your team expands, so can your UltraLITE system. Every base package is field programmable, allowing for easy integration with a HUB or Interface system. Your communication needs evolve, and UltraLITE is right there with you.

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