Eartec 10-Port Multi-Charger with US Plug


Eartec HUB6D UltraLITE & HUB 6 person system w/ 6 Double Headsets, batteries, charger & case

Eartec HUB5S UltraLITE & HUB 5 person system w/ 5 Single Headsets, batteries, charger & case

UltraLITE & HUB 5 person system w/ 5 Single Headsets, batteries, charger & case
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  • Lightweight HUB Mini Base for centralized control
  • UltraLITE Single Ear Wireless Headsets for comfortable communication
  • Includes rechargeable and replaceable batteries for extended use
  • Comes with a multi-charger with LED indicators for battery status
  • Softside case for convenient storage and transportation
  • Scalable system with options to expand communication patterns
  • Compatible with existing wired systems for versatile use

Unleash the Power of Seamless Communication
Step into a world where communication knows no bounds with the Eartec HUB5S. This expanded UltraLITE wireless system is designed to facilitate seamless interaction among larger crews, offering a hassle-free setup that works right out of the box. The self-contained headsets are a beacon of innovation, housing all the necessary electronics, including a rechargeable lithium battery, within the ear cup. Simply power them on, and you're ready to engage in professional full-duplex wireless communication.

The HUB - Your Communication Command Center
At the core of this system is the HUB, a mini base station that revolutionizes the way production crews communicate. It effortlessly links up to 8 wireless headsets, enabling larger teams to interact hands-free. Despite its powerful capabilities, the HUB maintains a lightweight profile at just 9 oz., allowing for strategic placement on location or comfortable attachment to a user's waist. This ensures uninterrupted full-duplex voice contact, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely.

Expandable and Adaptable Communication Solutions
The Eartec HUB5S is built with scalability in mind. Two HUBs can be interconnected, effectively doubling the communication pattern to encompass 16 users. Additionally, the inclusion of an accessory jack in the HUB transceivers means that with an additional plug-in headset, the system can accommodate a nine-member crew, all communicating in full duplex. This adaptability ensures that as your needs evolve, your communication system can grow with you, offering expanded talking patterns and greater connectivity.

Applications and Potential Uses
Whether you are setting up a production studio, organizing events in an auditorium, or facilitating services in a church, the HUB5S has got you covered. It can seamlessly integrate with existing wired systems, replacing a wired amplifier and allowing up to 8 wireless users to engage with the wired system in full duplex, as if connected by a floor cable. This versatility makes it a valuable asset in a variety of settings, promising to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

Battery and Charging Solutions
To ensure that your system runs smoothly without interruptions, the HUB5S comes equipped with Lithium Polymer batteries that are both externally chargeable and field replaceable. This allows you to have spare batteries at hand, extending the runtime of your system. The multi-port charger, included in the package, features positive LED indicators that signal when the batteries are fully charged and ready for use, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.

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