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Eartec HUB HUB Mini-Base w/ Rechargable Lithium Battery


Eartec HUB can be used when on-the-go as it comes equipped with a LiPo battery or it can be plugged-in using the included AC adapter

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  • Convenient waist-clipping capability for maximum mobility
  • Enhanced system capacity to support up to seven users
  • Incorporated DECT technology for optimal connection quality
  • Versatile power options, including a rechargeable lithium battery and AC adapter
  • Reliable 6-hour operation using LiPo batteries
  • No need for FCC licensing, ensuring immediate use

Unleash Wireless Communication Power
Expand your team's communication capabilities with the HUB Mini Duplex Transceiver Base, perfectly designed for both plug-in and wireless UltraLITE headsets by Eartec. Whether you're coordinating across a bustling job site or directing a film crew, this transceiver ensures your voice is heard.

Stay Mobile and Connected
With the ability to clip conveniently to your waist, this device guarantees total mobility, enabling you to multitask seamlessly. Whether you're on a movie set or overseeing a construction project, this transceiver ensures you're always in touch without being tied down.

Two Channels, One Mile
Never lose touch with your team. Boasting a 1/4-mile range and two communication channels, you're guaranteed a clear and consistent connection, ensuring smooth collaboration no matter where your work takes you.

Tech Powered by DECT
Harness the power of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology. DECT ensures a crystal-clear connection, free from interference, so your team can collaborate efficiently without communication barriers.

Stay Powered Throughout Your Day
With dual power options at your disposal, choose between the included rechargeable lithium battery or the AC wall plug to keep your transceiver running. Enjoy a generous 6-hour operation with the LiPo batteries, ensuring your communications remain uninterrupted during those long workdays.

Hassle-Free Operation
Forget the complicated paperwork and waiting times. With no FCC licensing required, your HUB Mini Duplex Transceiver Base is ready for action straight out of the box.

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