Chauvet DJ CH-31 Portable Trussing with T-Bars


Chauvet DJ FLEXstand (white version)

Chauvet DJ FLEXstand

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Adjustable Lighting/Speaker Stand with Multi-position Threaded Pole, Cast Iron Base, and 132-pound Load Capacity - Black
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  • Multi-purpose, telescoping stand for lighting and audio gear
  • Various pole diameters accommodate clamps and taper into a speaker mount
  • Trigger-style safety release for pole descent
  • Toolless design for quick setup and tear down
  • Threaded pole for multiple positioning options
  • Cast iron base with rubber feet for floor protection and easy retrieval
  • Available in black or white to suit different applications

Unleash Versatile Support with Chauvet DJ FLEXstand 
In the world of audio and lighting, a stand that embodies strength, durability, and flexibility is the backbone of your equipment setup. Chauvet DJ's FLEXstand stands tall as the epitome of this, offering a multi-purpose, telescoping solution that securely supports both lighting and audio gear. Its innovative design eliminates the struggle with ill-fitting clamps by incorporating various pole diameters to accommodate different fixtures, while seamlessly transitioning into a speaker mount at the top.

Adaptive Design for Ultimate Convenience 
The FLEXstand's adaptive design ensures swift and hassle-free setup and teardown, eradicating the need for tools. Featuring a trigger-style safety release, the pole descends securely, offering peace of mind during use. Additionally, the threaded pole can be positioned in multiple settings, making it a versatile choice for various applications and setups.

Secure and Floor-Friendly Construction 
Crafted with a cast iron base equipped with rubber feet, the FLEXstand ensures a sturdy foundation without compromising delicate floors. The thoughtful design prevents scratches while allowing for quick and easy relocation, addressing the concerns of mobility and floor protection in various settings.

Ideal for Professionals and Enthusiasts 
This stand is not just for professionals but also for enthusiasts seeking a robust and adaptable solution for their audio and lighting gear. Whether for live performances, events, stage productions, or home setups, the FLEXstand offers the adaptability and reliability that users crave, making it an essential addition to any toolkit.

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