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CAD Audio Stage7 Drum Microphone Pack

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7-piece Drum Microphone Pack - (3) D29, (2) C9, D19,& D10
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  • Comprehensive 7-piece drum microphone set
  • D10 cardioid dynamic microphone tailored for kick drums
  • Precision-engineered D19 for snare drums
  • Trio of D29 microphones for toms, capturing depth and resonance
  • Pair of C9 overhead microphones for detailed cymbal sounds
  • Easy setup with integrated microphone clips
  • Durable carrying case for protection and portability

Unleash Your Drum's True Sound
The CAD Stage7 Drum Microphone Pack is your gateway to capturing the authentic essence of your drum set. Whether you're performing live, rehearsing, or embarking on a project recording, this 7-piece microphone package ensures every beat resonates with clarity and depth.

Tailored for Every Drum Component
The Stage7 pack is meticulously curated to cover every part of your drum set. From the powerful thump of the kick drum to the crisp snap of the snare and the resonant tones of the toms, each microphone is designed to bring out the best in your drums.

Overheads for Cymbal Brilliance
No drum recording is complete without capturing the shimmering nuances of the cymbals. The C9 overhead microphones in this pack ensure that every cymbal crash, ride, and hi-hat sizzle is captured with pristine clarity.

Hassle-Free Setup
With integrated clips for each microphone, setting up is a breeze. Whether you're in the studio or on stage, you can focus on your performance without worrying about mic placements.

Travel with Confidence
The entire microphone set comfortably fits into a durable vinyl carrying case, ensuring your gear remains protected during transport and storage.

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