Angry Audio 991005 Distribution Gadget Amp

Angry Audio 991003 Bidirectional Balancing Gadget - 120VAC

Angry Audio 991003 Bidirectional Balancing Gadget - 120VAC

Angry Audio 991002 Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget 120VAC

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Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget (120VAC), Combining Two Stereo Balancing Gadgets into One Efficient Unit, Perfect for Those Who Need to Connect Two Playback-Only Consumer Devices Simultaneously

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  • Two-in-One Stereo Balancing Functionality
  • Four RCA/Phono Jacks for Consumer Device Input
  • Four XLR Connectors for Balanced Audio Output
  • Output Amplifiers Supporting +26dBu
  • Suitable for Long Cables and 600Ω Loads
  • Internal Low-Noise Linear Power Supply
  • Direct-Coupled Transformerless Analog Circuitry
  • Exclusive Input Design for Noise Suppression
  • Eliminates Buzz, Hum, Hiss, and RFI

Double the Power with Angry Audio Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget The Angry Audio Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget is a powerhouse in audio conversion, ingeniously combining two Stereo Balancing Gadgets into one efficient unit. This gadget is perfect for those who need to connect two playback-only consumer devices simultaneously, offering a streamlined solution for professional audio setups.

High-Performance Audio Conversion for Professionals This gadget is designed to handle the demands of professional audio environments. It features four RCA/Phono jacks for -10dBv input from consumer devices and delivers balanced +4dBu audio through four XLR connectors. The output amplifiers are robust, capable of driving +26dBu into long cables and even low-impedance 600Ω loads, ensuring your audio is clear and strong over any distance.

Unparalleled Sonic Transparency and Noise Suppression At the heart of the Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget is its commitment to sonic transparency. Equipped with an internal low-noise linear power supply and direct-coupled transformerless analog circuitry, it offers unmatched audio clarity. The gadget's exclusive input design effectively suppresses common mode noise, ensuring that your audio is free from buzz, hum, hiss, or RFI. This makes it ideal for scenarios where long unbalanced cables are used or when a ground loop exists between the gadget and the source.

Ideal for Various Professional Audio Applications Whether you're in a recording studio, broadcasting environment, or live performance setting, the Angry Audio Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget is your go-to device for high-quality audio conversion. Its ability to handle multiple inputs and deliver powerful, clean sound makes it an invaluable tool for audio professionals looking to enhance their setup.

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