Inovonics 732 Advanced Dynamic RDS Encoder

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732 Advanced Dynamic RDS Encoder takes RDS to a new level with all the tools necessary to ensure an engaging and dynamic RDS presence. It connects to virtually any automation playout system. Control via remote Web interface or front-panel OLED. Email alarms & SNMP.
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Revolutionize Your Radio Broadcasts
The 732 Advanced Dynamic RDS Encoder is here to elevate your broadcasting experience, melding the latest advancements in RDS technology with superior functionality. Designed for broadcasters who demand more, it seamlessly infuses the digital airwaves with rich content and intuitive controls.

Engaging Content Delivery
Dive into the next generation of RDS where the 732 stands out, offering all the essential tools to establish a captivating RDS presence. Delivering song titles, artist details, station IDs, and much more directly to your listener's radio, it ensures you're always at the forefront of information dissemination.

Unparalleled Compatibility
Never worry about compatibility again. The 732 prides itself on its versatile connections, synchronizing effortlessly with nearly all playout systems. Add to this the impressive enhanced RT+ tagging with its unique variable replacement capability, and you have a winner in every sense.

Intuitive Controls At Your Fingertips
Choose how you control. Whether you prefer real-time command via its dynamic web interface or the expansive front-panel OLED display, navigating through menus is a breeze. A beautifully designed interface ensures you're always in control without any hassles.

Stay Updated & Secure
Stay ahead with the 732. It features state-of-the-art, remotely updatable firmware via its built-in web server. Additionally, IP whitelisting safeguards your automation data ports, ensuring your broadcasts remain secure.

Applications For Every Broadcaster
Whether you're aiming to keep your listeners updated with the latest music titles or important station alerts, the 732 molds itself to fit your broadcasting needs. It's the ideal choice for stations aiming to offer dynamic content, connect seamlessly with varied playout systems, and secure their broadcasting streams.

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