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ADJ Pocket Pro - Compact LED Moving Head Light (Black)

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25-watt LED Moving-head Spot with Replaceable Gobos and powerCON Power Input
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  • Embrace a new era of lighting magic with the compact and potent LED moving head
  • Seven-position gobo wheel with replaceable gobos for a kaleidoscope of captivating patterns
  • Hinged-case design simplifies gobo replacement, keeping the show going seamlessly
  • Broad compatibility with various gobo sizes unleashes your artistic creativity
  • A powerhouse of control options, including DMX, Airstream MDX Bridge, and myDMX software
  • Ensure a secure AC connection with the locking powerCON connector
  • Lightweight design makes it a go-to for mobile entertainers, small venues, and more

Elevate Your Venue with the American DJ Pocket Pro LED Moving Head Light
Step into a world of dynamic lighting transformations with the American DJ Pocket Pro - a compact yet incredibly powerful LED moving head light that will ignite your venue with vibrant surface projections and mesmerizing beams of light. Crafted to perfection, this luminary is designed to thrive in small clubs, bars, roller rinks, bowling centers, and even venues with low ceilings. With its dazzling features and versatile capabilities, the Pocket Pro is a game-changer for mobile entertainers and any production on the move.

Vivid Lightscapes at Your Fingertips
Powered by a brilliant 25W white LED light source, the Pocket Pro produces an expansive 15° beam angle that cuts through the darkness with precision. The gobo wheel is a canvas of creativity, boasting seven replaceable gobos that cast a symphony of patterns onto surfaces. The separate color wheel is equally impressive, offering seven vibrant color filters, including UV and white. This versatile palette ensures your venue bursts with a dynamic array of hues.

Precision in Motion and Focus
The moving head of the Pocket Pro is equipped with 16-bit motors that deliver graceful movements and accurate positioning. With a panoramic range of 540° and a tilting range of 230°, this luminary gives you the freedom to paint your space with light in any direction. The manual-focus wheel allows you to precisely focus the gobos at varying distances, while the shake and scroll-mode effects add a touch of enchantment to your lighting displays.

Control at Your Fingertips
Whether you're a seasoned lighting professional or new to the game, the Pocket Pro is your ally. It offers two DMX channel modes (11 and 13) for versatile control, while the compatibility with DMX controllers, Airstream MDX Bridge, and myDMX software empowers you to take the reins of your lighting masterpiece. Additionally, the fixture offers a sound-active mode, built-in shows, random pulse effects, and a variable-speed strobe, ensuring your venue throbs with energy and life.


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