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Fostex RM3 Active Rackmount Monitor

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10W Powered Rackmount Monitoring System with 110 x 40mm Antimagnetic Cone Speakers, Analog and Digital Inputs, Headphone Monitoring, and Adjustable Reference Level
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Fostex Corp. RM-3


  • Ideal rackmount speaker system, suitable for machine rooms, control rooms, surveillance spaces, and more.
  • A broad array of inputs like XLR, 1/4-inch TS, AES, and EBU tailored for both digital and analog platforms.
  • High-quality D-class amplifier combined with exceptional speaker units ensuring top-notch audio playback.
  • Front-panel headphone jack for direct monitoring.
  • Detailed LED audio metering system, allowing precise readings in variable lighting.
  • Reference level adjustment ranging from +4dBu to 0dBu.
  • An integrated mute function with an optional attenuation of -20dB.
  • Capability to switch between VOICE and MUSIC modes, optimizing audio for different frequency ranges

Maximize Studio Efficiency in Compact Spaces
Introducing the Fostex RM3 active rackmount monitor, the perfect solution for tight studio setups. Designed to enhance your workflow, the RM3 ensures that limited space doesn't compromise your monitoring capabilities.

Swift, Precise Audio Monitoring
The RM3 is equipped with a 26-LED audio meter, guaranteeing quick and accurate audio level monitoring. Whether you're in a dim machine room or a well-lit studio, its four adjustable brightness levels make it effortless to track audio levels.

Versatility at its Best
Be it digital or analog, the RM3 seamlessly integrates with your audio setup. With versatile input options such as XLR, 1/4-inch TS, AES, and EBU, this rackmount monitor promises precision and adaptability for diverse audio equipment.

High-Definition Audio Right from Your Rack
Experience superior audio quality with the RM3's dual 110 x 40mm stereo speakers. These speakers are engineered to deliver crystal-clear, high-definition audio directly from your rack, ensuring an impeccable monitoring experience.

Tailored Listening Experience
The inclusion of an easily accessible front-panel headphone jack offers a more intimate monitoring experience whenever necessary. This feature ensures that you have the flexibility to switch between broader room audio and a more concentrated listening experience with on-ear monitors.

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