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Mackie 1202VLZ4 12-channel Compact Mixer

Audioarts AIR-4 12 Channel Analog Radio Mixer

Air-4 Analog Mixer with 13 Input Faders - 12 Stereo Input Channels with A/B Inputs, 1 Phone channel with Mix-Minus feed, 4 Microphone Preamps, 1 USB I/O port, 2 Stereo Program Busses.
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  • Comprehensive 12 stereo input fader channels with dual A-B inputs and START logic.
  • Dedicated phone caller fader complemented with talkback and automatic mix-minus.
  • Four elite mic preamps, adaptable to your mics, with outputs connectable to any input fader.
  • Dual program busses with adaptable balanced outputs.
  • External input designed for precise air monitoring.
  • Versatile CR room monitor with multiple source options.
  • Innovative split cue functionality for enhanced audio management.
  • Illuminated on-air indication through a frontal LED and an external relay output.
  • Studio output equipped with unique source options and an integrated talkback feature.
  • User-friendly replaceable faders and monitor pots.
  • Flexible USB connectivity that interfaces with desktop computers for diverse audio functions.
  • Automatic cue speaker integration that enhances your stereo monitoring experience

Experience Timeless Audio Mastery
With the evolution of digital mediums, the art of analog mixing can easily be lost. However, with the Audioarts AIR-4 12-channel radio console, analog mixing is rejuvenated, delivering exactly what an audio professional expects from a compact radio console. The AIR-4 operates under a compelling principle: affordability needn't compromise on quality.

In-Built Mic Prowess
Equipped with four in-built microphone preamps, the AIR-4 seamlessly accommodates a host microphone and up to three guest mics, eliminating the need for external mic preamps. This integrated feature not only reduces external equipment clutter but also optimizes audio clarity.

A Multitude of Features in a Compact Console
Offering 12 input faders, an additional fader for call-ins, external machine control, dual program busses, and tailored monitoring controls, the AIR-4 stands out as a comprehensive package. Its USB connectivity, which can be patched for various functions like news, production, or streaming, makes it a preferred choice for both local radio stations and global internet broadcasters.

Exquisite Design, Exceptional Performance
The stylish design, combined with top-tier components and circuits, ensures that the AIR-4 delivers an outstanding performance. It's equipped with fundamental features, making it ideal for both budding radio stations and established setups in need of auxiliary or newsroom consoles.

Craftsmanship Born from Legacy
Owing its impeccable design to the Wheatstone Corporation's commitment to innovation, the AIR-4 encapsulates the company's dedication to quality and performance. Their end-to-end design and manufacturing approach guarantees a product that stands true to their renowned reputation.

Quality Meets Affordability
The AIR-4 strikes a perfect balance between broadcast quality and affordability, ensuring that users get exceptional value for their investment.

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