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Yamaha MTX3 26 x 8 Zone Matrix Audio Signal Processor

EAW UX3600 3x6 Speaker Processor

The UX3600 provides a complete suite of state-of-the-art digital signal processing tools. Advanced capabilities and features set the UX3600 apart from other processors in its class. This high end processor controls sound systems with a variety of output channels and also delivers optimized processing of specific EAW loudspeakers.
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UX3600 100-240V AC


  • Single operational mode for simplicity
  • EAW Greybox™ signal processing with EAW Focusing™
  • Intuitive front panel control for most adjustments
  • 10 parametric EQs per input and output channel
  • EAWPilot™ software for comprehensive computer control
  • Compatibility with EAW Resolution modeling and alignment software

EAW UX3600 100-240V AC: Precision Performance Made Simple
The EAW UX3600 100-240V AC is your gateway to precision audio performance without the complexities. Crafted to meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike, this powerhouse combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly controls for an unparalleled audio experience. Get ready to elevate your sound with the UX3600.

Simplicity Meets Performance
With a single operational mode, the UX3600 brings simplicity to the forefront without compromising on performance. The built-in EAW Greybox™ signal processing, featuring EAW Focusing™ technology, optimizes performance effortlessly, eliminating the need for complicated adjustments. This means you can focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional sound quality.

Intuitive Front Panel Control
Navigating precision audio has never been easier. The UX3600 features a comprehensive and intuitive front panel control interface that eliminates the need for extensive computer control. Most adjustments can be made directly from the front panel, empowering you to fine-tune your sound without the hassle.

Fine-Tuned Audio Customization
Tailor your audio to perfection with the UX3600's 10 parametric EQs per input and output channel. This level of control ensures that every aspect of your sound is precisely tuned to your preferences, offering an audio experience that's truly yours.

EAWPilot™ Software for Complete Control
For those who crave advanced control, the EAWPilot™ software has you covered. This comprehensive software allows for comprehensive computer control, giving you the freedom to delve into advanced settings and customization options.

Seamless Integration with EAW Resolution
The filter parameters of the UX3600 are fully compatible with EAW Resolution modeling and alignment software. This compatibility ensures that you can achieve optimized performance with ease, making the UX3600 a powerful tool in your audio arsenal.

Unlock Precision Audio Performance
The EAW UX3600 100-240V AC is your passport to precision audio that's easy to achieve. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic audiophile, the UX3600 empowers you to fine-tune your sound effortlessly. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly controls, the UX3600 ensures that your audio experience is nothing short of exceptional. Elevate your sound to new heights with the EAW UX3600 and unlock the world of precision audio performance.

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