Mackie Big Knob Studio 3x2 Studio Monitor Controller | 192kHz USB I/O

Mackie Big Knob Passive 2x2 Studio Monitor Controller

Passive 2x2 Desktop Studio Monitor Controller
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Big Knob Passive


  • Precise source and monitor selection
  • Passive audio path for crystal clear sound
  • Switch between multiple sources and up to two pairs of monitors
  • Sturdy and rugged build for professional use

Mackie Big Knob Passive: Total Control in Your Hands
Introducing the Mackie Big Knob Passive, a powerful and intuitive solution for precise monitoring and control. Whether you're in the studio, editing suite, or control room, this passive monitor controller puts the reins of your audio environment right at your fingertips.

Unleash Your Audio Creativity
The Mackie Big Knob Passive is your ticket to seamless control over your audio sources and monitors. With its straightforward design and easy-to-use features, you can easily switch between multiple sources and monitors, ensuring that your audio is finely tuned and tailored to your exact specifications.

Precise Source and Monitor Selection
Navigate your audio with ease using the Big Knob Passive's intuitive source and monitor selection capabilities. With the ability to choose from multiple sources and up to two pairs of monitors, you can effortlessly switch between audio references and outputs, giving you the edge you need to create and perfect your mixes.

Passive Design for Crystal Clear Sound
Built with a passive audio path, the Big Knob Passive maintains the utmost clarity in your audio signal. This ensures that your sound remains pristine and unaltered, allowing you to make accurate judgments and adjustments during the mixing process.

Sturdy Build for Longevity
Crafted with durability in mind, the Mackie Big Knob Passive is built tough to withstand the demands of professional use. Its robust and rugged construction ensures that it will be a reliable companion for years to come, ready to assist you in every audio endeavor.

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