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ART PS8-II 9-Outlet Power Sequencer

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Power Sequencer w/ 1 front outlet, 8 rear outlets and remote out
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  • Adjustable sequence delay range for controlled power-up intervals
  • Rear-mounted remote control terminal block for hassle-free operation
  • Individually sequenced outputs with front-panel LED indicators
  • Front-panel unswitched, unregulated outlet for added convenience
  • Surge and spike protection for enhanced equipment safety
  • EMI and RFI filtering to shield against interference
  • Front-panel master breaker and power switch for instant control

Enhance Power Management with the ART PS8-II 9-Outlet Power Sequencer
Efficiency meets precision in the ART PS8-II 9-Outlet Power Sequencer – your ultimate solution for intelligent power distribution. Elevate your audio and visual setups with the ability to power up to eight devices in a controlled sequence, ensuring seamless operation and safeguarding your valuable equipment. Ideal for various professional environments, this power sequencer combines advanced features with robust protection to deliver a seamless power management experience.

Seamless Power Sequencing for Unrivaled Control
Empower your equipment with the ART PS8-II's distinctive power sequencing capabilities. This power sequencer allows you to activate or deactivate up to eight devices sequentially, each with adjustable delays ranging from 0.5 to 2 seconds. Say goodbye to sudden surges or voltage spikes that could potentially harm your gear – the ART PS8-II ensures a smooth power-up process, reducing the risk of damage to your valuable devices.

Advanced Protection: Your Gear's Guardian
Safety takes center stage with the ART PS8-II. Benefit from robust surge and spike protection, defending your gear against unpredictable electrical disturbances. The fast-acting breaker adds an extra layer of safeguarding, while EMI and RFI filtering provide a shield against electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. Rest easy knowing that your equipment is shielded from potential threats, ensuring peak performance and longevity.

Engineered for Versatility: Applications Galore
Whether you're a sound engineer, studio enthusiast, or live performer, the ART PS8-II power sequencer is an indispensable tool in your setup. Seamlessly manage devices such as tube preamps, powered speakers, expansive displays, or intricate digital systems. Elevate your audio production workflow, create a flawless stage performance, or enhance your studio environment – the possibilities are limitless.

Power Up Your Potential: A Must-Have for Every Setup
Whether you're embarking on a studio recording session, captivating a live audience, or fine-tuning a multimedia display, the ART PS8-II 9-Outlet Power Sequencer ensures your equipment operates smoothly and efficiently. Eliminate the uncertainty of simultaneous power-on scenarios and let your devices shine with a well-orchestrated power sequence. Experience the difference of smart power management with the ART PS8-II – your gateway to an organized and protected setup that unleashes your creative potential.

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