Rode Long Shotgun Blimp Extension Kit

Rode Blimp Windshield and Shock Mount System

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Windshield and Shockmount for Shotgun Microphones Up to 12.75" Long, with Dead Wombat Windshield, and XLR Cable Lead
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All RØDE products are warranted for one year from date of purchase. If you purchased your microphone from us then you may be able to extend your warranty to two years, five years, ten years or lifetime (depending on the model) by registering the details of your purchase with Rode.


  • Suitable for shotgun mics up to 12.75" long, ensuring versatile use.
  • Dual hoop suspension guarantees noise reduction and mic isolation.
  • Lightweight design for easy handheld and boom operation.
  • Premium Mogami tail cable paired with Neutrik connectors for unparalleled clarity.
  • Dead Wombat windshield provided for enhanced protection against the elements.
  • Compatible with various third-party shotgun microphones, adding to its adaptability.

RODE Blimp: Your Shield Against the Elements
For audio professionals and enthusiasts alike, field recording is a true test of equipment. In such settings, the RODE Blimp emerges as an indispensable tool. Meticulously redesigned for optimal performance, the Blimp ensures that the ambient challenges of outdoor recording don’t compromise the clarity of your sound.

Durability Meets Lightweight Design
The single-piece thermoplastic build is a testament to RODE’s commitment to longevity. Designed for everyday use, the Blimp promises durability without the weight. Its "skeleton" handle reduces its weight by over a quarter, ensuring ease of use even during prolonged recording sessions.

Precision, Versatility, and Quality
No matter the shotgun microphone you employ, the Blimp is accommodating, with the ability to house most mics up to 12.75" long. The integrated XLR lead is a masterpiece in itself, featuring the elite Mogami cable and Neutrik’s quietest connectors, ensuring that no extraneous noise finds its way into your recordings.

Lyre Suspension System: Say Goodbye to Rubberbands
Traditional rubberband suspensions have a propensity to wear out. The Lyre system is a game-changer, offering robust shock protection without the hassle of wear and tear. Not only are they self-adjustable, but their design significantly reduces handling and cable noise.

Effortless Adjustments for Perfect Audio Capture
The rail system with measurement markings ensures that regardless of the microphone in use, precision placement is guaranteed. The dampening between these rails further ensures that unwanted wind and handling noise stays out of your recordings.

Comfort and Functionality Combined
Field recordings often demand mobility, and the Blimp’s hollowed-out handle caters to that. Attach it to a boom or hold it by hand; the light weight ensures fatigue-free recording sessions. The added Dead Wombat windshield takes your audio quality to the next level, shielding against gusty winds.

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