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Chauvet DJ 4Bar LT Quad BT Wash Lighting System with Tripod, Carry Bag, and Footswitch

Chauvet DJ 4BAR ILS 4 x RGB PAR System with Stand

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LED Lighting Fixture with 4 Integrated RGB Lights, Sound-active Mode, DMX Control, Tripod Stand, Carry Case, Wireless Footswitch, D-Fi USB DMX Compatibility, IRC-6 Remote Compatibility, and ILS Compatibility
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  • Complete wash lighting solution designed to empower mobile entertainers
  • Seamless integration with the Integrated Lighting System (ILS) for coordinated light shows
  • Four individually adjustable heads for comprehensive room or stage coverage
  • D-Fi USB compatibility enables wireless master/slave and DMX control
  • Rapid setup and teardown with included tripod, wireless footswitch, and carry bags
  • Expand mounting possibilities with built-in bolts for truss mounting
  • Create expansive, synchronized light shows in master/slave mode
  • Dynamic sound-activated programs dance to the rhythm of the music
  • Effortlessly control static colors and automated programs with the optional IRC-6 remote
  • Unlock a synchronized spectacle with accessible built-in automated programs in master/slave mode

Elevate Your Show with the 4Bar ILS Wash Lighting Solution

Experience the ultimate convenience and versatility with the 4Bar ILS, a meticulously designed wash lighting solution tailored for dynamic mobile entertainers. Unleash your creativity and captivate your audience with ease, thanks to a host of innovative features that transform your setup and tear-down process. This complete package comes equipped with a tripod, wireless footswitch, and carry bags, allowing you to effortlessly assemble and disassemble your lighting setup within minutes. The 4Bar ILS takes your control to new heights, seamlessly integrating with the Integrated Lighting System (ILS) for swift coordination across a diverse range of fixture types. Say goodbye to complexity, and embrace a new era of streamlined control.

Unleash Your Artistry with ILS Compatibility
The 4Bar ILS opens doors to a realm of possibilities, harnessing the power of Integrated Lighting System (ILS) compatibility. Seamlessly synchronize light shows across an extensive array of fixture types with remarkable ease and efficiency. Craft a visual masterpiece that harmoniously complements your musical performance or event, thanks to the intuitive ILS ecosystem that empowers you to effortlessly orchestrate a symphony of light.

Total Coverage, Unrivaled Flexibility
Illuminate every corner of your space with the 4Bar ILS's four individually adjustable heads. Achieve unmatched room or stage coverage as you seamlessly customize the lighting to suit your vision. Expand your creative horizons by generating expansive, synchronized light shows in master/slave mode, elevating the overall impact of your performance.

Wireless Mastery at Your Fingertips
With D-Fi USB compatibility, wireless master/slave and DMX control are at your command. Experience a new level of freedom as you effortlessly manipulate the lighting dynamics from a distance. Shape the atmosphere and mood of your event, transcending boundaries and captivating your audience with a seamlessly orchestrated light display.

Seamless Setup, Effortless Control
The 4Bar ILS isn't just about spectacular lighting—it's about an exceptional user experience. Embrace the ease of setup and teardown, supported by the included tripod, wireless footswitch, and convenient carry bags. Elevate your creative space by safely mounting the 4Bar ILS to truss using the built-in bolts, ensuring stability and expanding your mounting options.

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