Rode RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Console with 4x Rode PodMic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone, DS1 Desktop Mic Stand, SanDisk 32GB microSD Card, XLR Cable and StreamEye Polishing Cloth


Mackie DLZ Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer for Podcasting, Content Creation, and Streaming with 3x Rode Podmic, Studio Headphones, Desktop Mic Stands and Essential Accessories

Mackie DLZ Creator Digital Mixer with Mackie EM-99B Dynamic Microphones, MC-150 Professional Closed-Back Headphones, DB-200 Microphone Boom Arms, 32GB Micro microSD Card and StreamEye Polishing Cloth

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Bundle Includes:
1x DLZ Creator
1x MC-150
1x EM-99B
1x DB-200
1x microSD Card with Adapter
1x StreamEye Polishing Cloth

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DLZ Creator, EM-99B, MC-150, DB-200, SD Card, Cloth x1


- Create professional-quality podcasts and streaming content with ease thanks to the Adaptive 10.1" touchscreen controls with three modes (Easy, Enhanced, Pro)
- Customize and control your audio settings based on your preferred style and skill level or let loose with Mackie's AutoMix technology which manages levels of up to four microphones simultaneously
- Utilize Mix Agent virtual audio assistant to simplify setup and ensure optimal gain levels for your recordings
- Connect up to four microphones and external devices, such as smartphones or instruments
- Record or stream multitrack audio to a computer via USB-C or directly to an SD card
- Tailor headphone mixes to meet the specific monitoring requirements of both you and your guest

Introducing the DLZ Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer, the ultimate solution for podcasting and streaming. This powerful device delivers professional-level results at an accelerated pace. Inspired by smartphone and DSLR cameras, DLZ Creator offers on-screen controls tailored to your creative style or skill level, without compromising processing power or sound quality. With three control modes and a 10.1" touchscreen, you have the freedom to create on your terms.

The DLZ Creator caters to both seasoned professionals and beginners, allowing users of all experience levels to achieve pro-level results. A standout feature of the DLZ Creator is Mix Agent™, a game-changing virtual audio assistant. Mix Agent™ revolutionizes the setup process by providing guidance and automating gain level adjustments. This ensures optimal sound quality, even for newcomers to podcasting or streaming. AutoMix technology ensures that all voices are balanced, even when multiple speakers talk simultaneously. Bluetooth integration enables seamless connection with call-in guests and the activation of Mix Minus to eliminate echo issues.

DLZ Creator's Onyx80 mic preamps guarantee pristine sound quality, while its versatile recording and streaming capabilities offer a self-contained setup. With support for up to four microphones and three external devices through analog, Bluetooth, or USB connections, you have extensive flexibility. The DLZ Creator's user-friendly interface streamlines the process, enabling great results without menu-diving.

Elevate your podcasting, streaming, gaming, or broadcasting endeavors with the DLZ Creator, your all-in-one solution.

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