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Lewitt Connect 6 USB-C Audio Interface

2-in/2-out, 24-bit/96kHz USB-C Audio Interface with 2 Mic Preamps, 2 Headphones Outputs, Loopback, and DSP - Mac/PC/iOS/iPadOS/Android
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All products manufactured by LEWITT GmbH feature a limited two-year warranty. This two-year warranty is specific to the date of purchase as shown on the original purchase receipt.


  • Two high-quality mic preamps with a generous 72dB of gain
  • Exceptionally low self-noise (-133dBv, A-weighted) and total harmonic distortion (0.002%)
  • Auto Setup function for automatic optimization of settings for voice or instrument
  • Robust DSP offering zero-latency effects, as well as advanced routing, mixing, and monitoring capabilities
  • Full mobile audio integration compatible with iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices
  • Seamless digital audio transfer between a computer and a mobile device via USB-C
  • Ability to directly stream audio to various social media platforms
  • Control Center software for full digital control of the interface's I/O
  • Two independent master mixes with a 1-knob maximizer
  • Three software channels for customized routing
  • Loopback channel to digitally record computer audio
  • Included USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cables

Portable and Highly Flexible Audio Interface
The Lewitt Connect 6 is an ideal tool for creators and musicians in need of a portable and flexible audio interface. It comes equipped with two low-noise mic preamps providing an impressive 72dB of gain, two individual headphone outputs, and a wealth of features designed for enhanced functionality and convenience.

Top-notch Sound and Flexibility
The Connect 6 is a USB-C audio interface that delivers professional-grade sound with unparalleled flexibility. It features two high-quality mic preamps offering an extraordinary 0.002% of total harmonic distortion and an impressive -133dBv (A-weighted) of self-noise. The Auto Setup function ensures hassle-free recording by automatically optimizing settings for your voice or instrument.

Powerful DSP and Seamless Integration
The powerful hardware-based DSP of Connect 6 enables high-powered routing, mixing, and monitoring, and zero-latency effects. It offers complete mobile device audio integration with USB-C charging, facilitating cable-free recording on the go. Additionally, its Control Center software allows you to create two independent audio mixes, a loopback channel, and more, offering extensive control over your recording sessions.

Perfect for Mobile and On-the-Go Recording
Designed for mobility, Connect 6 allows for lossless digital audio transfer between a computer and a mobile device via USB-C, facilitating direct streaming to Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. It also enables capturing audio from your smartphone, making it a great tool for modern studio workflows. Plus, it charges your device during streaming or content production.

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