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Lewitt Pure Tube Studio Tube Condenser Microphone Set

Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Cardioid Polar Pattern, ECC82/12AU7 Tube, Max SPL of 132dB, and 20-20kHz Frequency Response plus Accessories
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PURE TUBE Studio set



All products manufactured by LEWITT GmbH feature a limited two-year warranty. This two-year warranty is specific to the date of purchase as shown on the original purchase receipt.


  • Studio tube microphone optimized for vocalists
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Signal path free from capacitor and semiconductor coloration
  • Hand-selected ECC82/12AU7 tube
  • Ultra-low self-noise of only 7 dB-A
  • Transformer-based filter to balance proximity effect
  • Energy-saving PSU works globally
  • Includes mic mount, power supply unit, 7-pin XLR cable, fully adjustable shock mount, magnetic pop filter, transport bag, and mil-spec transport case
  • Lewitt 10-year warranty

Elevate Your Vocal Recordings
The Lewitt Pure Tube essential tube condenser microphone is your trusty sidekick when it comes to capturing top-tier vocal performances. This marvel, often the first choice of studio professionals, is powered by a groundbreaking circuit that introduces an unparalleled level of warmth, richness, and focus to any vocal. A must-have for any recording studio, the Lewitt Pure Tube ensures the finest of vocal recordings, be it the quietest whisper or the loudest scream.

Advanced Design for a Balanced Sound
Every detail of the Lewitt Pure Tube is designed to enhance your audio quality. With a transformer-based filter that compensates for proximity effect, the microphone helps achieve a balanced sound. What sets the Pure Tube apart is its new signal path, devoid of coloration from semiconductors and capacitors. The result is the pure, rich character from the hand-selected ECC82/12AU7 tube, becoming the only factor that colors your vocalist's performance.

Engineered for All Vocal Ranges
The Lewitt Pure Tube doesn't compromise on performance. Whether you're recording whisper-quiet tracks or facing the loudest of rock/metal screams head-on, this microphone is up to the task. Thanks to an incredibly low self-noise level of just 7dB-A and a max SPL of 132dB, you won't introduce any unwanted noise into your audio signal. Now, capturing every nuance of a performance becomes a seamless experience.

Unlock Unmatched Versatility
From low-key gigs to high-stakes recording sessions, the Lewitt Pure Tube is a versatile choice that promises excellent sound quality. Over the years, Lewitt microphones have found a place on some of the biggest stages and studios across Europe and America. With an array of robust dynamic handheld models to top-notch studio condensers, Lewitt caters to your diverse recording needs.

A Long-Term Commitment to Quality
Confidence in the Pure Tube's quality is such that Lewitt offers an unprecedented 10-year warranty. Paired with a suite of accessories including a fully adjustable shock mount and a magnetic pop filter, investing in the Lewitt Pure Tube microphone set is a sound decision. It's not just a purchase - it's a decade-long partnership for superior sound.

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