Hosa CSS-105R Balanced Interconnect Cable - 1/4-inch TRS Male to Right Angle 1/4-inch TRS Male - 5 foot


Hosa GMP-112 3.5mm TRS Male to 1/4 inch TRS Female to 3.5mm TRS Male Stereo Headphone Adapter

Hosa CYR-101 Y Cable - 1/4-inch TS Male to Dual RCA Male - 3 foot

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Y Cable, 1/4" TS Male-Dual RCA Male, 3' Long
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  • Nickel-plated plugs ensuring durability and optimal signal transfer
  • Oxygen-Free Copper conductors enhancing the clarity of your audio signal
  • OFC spiral shields designed for effective rejection of EMI and RFI
  • Versatile connectors, 1/4-inch TS to Dual RCA, suitable for various devices
  • 3-foot length offering flexibility and ease of use
  • Trusted quality from Hosa, a leader in professional audio cables

The Essential Signal Duplicator: Hosa CYR-101 Y Cable
For those who need to duplicate a mono signal with precision and clarity, the Hosa CYR-101 Y Cable is the perfect solution. This 3-foot cable is expertly designed to connect an unbalanced phone output to two phono inputs. It's an essential tool for various audio applications, from professional studios to home entertainment systems.

High-Quality Construction: Rugged and Efficient
With nickel-plated plugs and Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors, the CYR-101 ensures rugged durability and efficient signal transfer. The quality of materials used in its construction ensures that it delivers enhanced signal clarity, providing you with a pure and uncolored sound.

Unmatched Flexibility: Rejecting Interference
The CYR-101 is not just about signal clarity; it's about preserving the integrity of the sound. The OFC spiral shields effectively reject Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), giving you a clean signal without noise or distortion.

Versatility in Connectivity: From Studio to Home
Whether you are a musician looking to connect your instruments or an audiophile wanting to enhance your home audio setup, the CYR-101 provides the connectivity you need. Its 1/4-inch TS to Dual RCA connectors offer versatile options for connecting various devices.

Applications and Potential Uses
Ideal for connecting a mono source to two destinations, the CYR-101 can be used in recording studios to split signals or in home entertainment systems to distribute sound. Its robust construction makes it suitable for both professional and personal use, enhancing the audio experience wherever it is applied.

Affordable Solution for Quality Sound
The Hosa CYR-101 Y Cable provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. For those looking to split a mono signal with efficiency and reliability, this cable is a must-have accessory that offers exceptional value.

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