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Eventide H90 Harmonizer Multi-FX Pedal

Multi-effects Pedal with 62 Algorithms, MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB Functionality, Software Editor, Tap Tempo, 2 Expression Inputs, and Tuner
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  • Embrace 62 meticulously crafted effect algorithms, from fundamental always-on tones to groundbreaking experimental modulation.
  • Leverage the robust ARM-based architecture from the H9000 Harmonizer for studio-quality audio fidelity.
  • Enjoy all effect algorithms from the H9 Max pedal, enriched with features previously available only on plugins and flagship pedals.
  • Discover 10 new algorithms, including 7 unique effects and 3 vintage Eventide classics.
  • Harness Twin-turbo Program Power to merge two algorithms with true spillover and versatile I/O options.
  • Seamlessly integrate external effects with dual mono inserts that can be placed anywhere in the signal chain.
  • Process two independent stereo sources or adopt the 4-cable method using Dual Mode.
  • Engage with a streamlined front panel featuring tactile push knobs, LED buttons, and a high-res OLED display.
  • Adapt your performance with two expression pedal inputs, up to three-button auxiliary switches, and CV signals.
  • Enhance control with MIDI in-out/thru connectivity and instrument/line-level operation with gain control.
  • Dive into advanced editing using USB functionality and the H90 control software.
  • Enjoy built-in tuning functionality for added convenience during performances

Redesigning Sonic Boundaries with the Eventide H90 Harmonizer
Introducing the Eventide H90 Harmonizer, a groundbreaking multi-effects pedal that seamlessly combines the studio-level versatility of Eventide's flagship H9000 rack unit with the compact form factor of the H9 Max pedal. This revolutionary pedal redefines sonic possibilities, bringing forth a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and intuitive controls.

Unleash Creativity with 62 ARM-Derived Algorithms
Built upon the foundation of the H9 Max pedal's 52 algorithms, all derived from the advanced ARM-based architecture of the H9000, the H90 Harmonizer takes your audio exploration to new heights. But that's not all – this pedal goes beyond by introducing 10 all-new algorithms, expanding your tonal palette for even greater creativity.

Seven Captivating New Effects
Prepare to be captivated by the H90's new effects that push boundaries and evoke sonic wonder:

  • Polyphony: Utilizing Eventide's innovative SIFT technology, this mode offers unparalleled pitch shifting, from choruses to crystalline textures, complete with a freeze function for ethereal pads.
  • Prism Shift: An experimental effect that generates three voices from a single chord, creating unique arpeggio types across three octaves.
  • Even-vibe: A stereo replication of a classic phaser with added envelope followers for a swirling, mesmerizing effect.
  • Head Space: Embrace the analog warmth of a 4-head tape delay with customizable tone shaping.
  • Bouquet Delay: Infuse classic bucket-brigade delay with pitch jumps and self-oscillation for daring sonic experiments.
  • Wormhole: Experience a mega-sized hyper-modulated reverb that transports you to otherworldly realms.
  • Weedwacker: Unleash a powerful 2-stage overdrive for a raucous, yet controlled tone.

Historic Eventide Emulations
The H90 Harmonizer also pays homage to history by including three emulations of iconic Eventide rackmount effects:

  • Instant Phaser: Emulating the first dedicated studio phaser, it brings vintage swirl and movement.
  • Instant Flanger: Replicating the world's first flange unit, it offers versatile sonic modulation.
  • SP2016 Reverb: Classic reverb tones with room, stereo room, and high-density plate options for timeless echoes.

Empower Your Creativity with Intuitive Controls
The H90's revamped interface ensures effortless control for instant adjustments during performances. With five tactile push knobs, seven LED buttons, and a high-resolution OLED display, you can make real-time tweaks without compromising deep editing capabilities. Explore three modes: Select, Bank, and Perform, transforming the H90 into a live performance powerhouse with programmable footswitches and dynamic mapping functions.

Endless I/O Possibilities
Connectivity is paramount, and the H90 doesn't disappoint. With MIDI in/out/thru, two expression pedal inputs, USB functionality, and versatile instrument/line-level operation, this pedal adapts seamlessly to your setup. Its dual mono inserts enable integration of outboard effects anywhere in the signal chain, allowing you to sculpt your sound to perfection.

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