Electro-Voice Everse 8 8-inch 2-way Battery-powered PA Speaker - Black

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Portable Battery-powered PA Speaker with 8-inch Woofer, Titanium Tweeter, 4-ch Mixer, Bluetooth, and DSP
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  • EVERSE 8 combines Electro-Voice's engineering expertise with advanced technology to deliver unmatched sound quality and user-friendliness. Its all-in-one PA system design makes professional audio accessible to a wider range of users, providing versatility for various applications.
  • Powered by a custom-designed high-capacity Li-ion battery pack, EVERSE 8 offers up to an impressive 12 hours of runtime. The battery's protection circuitry ensures longevity and easy removal, giving you uninterrupted audio performance.
  • With an IP43 rating and weatherized input cover, the EVERSE 8 is resistant to splashes and light rain, making it an ideal choice for outdoor events and performances.
  • Transporting the EVERSE 8 is a breeze thanks to its ergonomic handle and lightweight construction. For added convenience, opt for the optional tote bag designed specifically for easy carrying.
  • Whether mounted on a tripod, used as a stage wedge, or projected with its kick-back angle, the EVERSE 8 offers flexibility in placement, adapting to your unique setup.
  • Take complete control of your audio experience through the EV QuickSmart Mobile app on your phone or tablet. Shape your sound to perfection with studio-quality effects and processing, ensuring your performance stands out.

Introducing EVERSE 8: Your Ultimate Portable Audio Solution
Elevate your audio experience with the cutting-edge EVERSE 8, your all-in-one solution for exceptional sound quality, wireless convenience, and professional-grade performance. Crafted by Electro-Voice, a leader in audio engineering, the EVERSE 8 sets new standards in portable sound, delivering unmatched performance at an unbeatable price point.

Unleash Superior Sound Anywhere
Whether you're hosting an event, live performance, or simply need powerful audio playback, the EVERSE 8 has you covered. Its compact yet powerful design packs a punch with an 8" woofer and high-output titanium tweeter, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations in its product segment. With a maximum SPL rating of 121 dB and a wide 100º x 100º coverage, the EVERSE 8 ensures your audience experiences every note with clarity and precision.

Experience pro-level audio quality, convenience, and wireless control with EVERSE 8 – your gateway to a superior sound experience. Elevate your audio game and unleash the power of EVERSE 8 today.

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