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Mackie EM-98MS Phone/Camera Shotgun Microphone

EM-98MS Phone/Camera Shotgun Microphone
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  • Broadcast-worthy condenser microphone for clear, professional audio
  • High-directivity super-cardioid design focuses sound capture where it is pointed
  • Included cold shoe shockmount isolates microphone from vibrations and handling noise
  • Compact and ultra-lightweight for easy transport and setup
  • Dedicated headphone output for real-time monitoring
  • Internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for extended use
  • 75/150Hz high-pass filters eliminate low-frequency rumble
  • Fully variable gain control for precise level adjustment
  • Overdrive protection mode lowers right channel level by -10dB for clean audio in post
  • Auto on/off automatically turns the microphone on and off with your device*
  • Includes furry and foam windscreens for outdoor and indoor use
  • Cables for DSLR and Smartphone connections included, along with charging cable
  • Mountable on 3/8” tripod screw for flexible positioning
  • Premium carrying case for secure transport and storage

Elevate Your Audio Production with the Mackie EM-98MS Condenser Microphone

Capture Professional-Grade Sound with Precision and Clarity
Introducing the Mackie EM-98MS, a broadcast-worthy condenser microphone designed to deliver unparalleled audio quality for your recording and broadcasting needs. Whether you're a content creator, journalist, or filmmaker, this microphone ensures that your voice or subject is captured with pristine clarity and precision.

Focused Sound Capture with Super-Cardioid Design
The EM-98MS features a high-directivity super-cardioid design that focuses sound capture precisely where you point the microphone. Say goodbye to background noise and distractions – this microphone ensures that your intended sound source takes center stage with exceptional definition.

Built for Professionalism with Cold Shoe Shockmount
Included with the EM-98MS is a cold shoe shockmount that isolates the microphone from vibrations and handling noise. This essential accessory ensures that your recordings remain free from unwanted disturbances, allowing you to achieve professional-grade audio quality.

Compact, Lightweight, and Ultra-Portable
Transport and setup have never been easier. The EM-98MS is designed to be compact and ultra-lightweight, making it a perfect companion for on-the-go audio production. Whether you're recording in the field or in a controlled studio environment, this microphone's convenience and ease of use will enhance your workflow.

Real-Time Monitoring and Precise Control
Experience real-time monitoring like never before. The EM-98MS comes equipped with a dedicated headphone output, allowing you to monitor your recordings with accuracy. Plus, the fully variable gain control lets you adjust the microphone's sensitivity, ensuring that you have complete control over your audio levels.

Enhanced Features for Seamless Recording
The EM-98MS is packed with features that optimize your recording experience. The internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides extended use, while the 75/150Hz high-pass filters eliminate low-frequency rumble. The overdrive protection mode safeguards your recordings by lowering the right channel level, ensuring clean audio for post-production work.

Versatile Connectivity and Accessories Included
Whether you're using a DSLR or a smartphone, the EM-98MS has you covered. Cables for both connections are included, along with charging cable. The microphone can be easily mounted on a 3/8” tripod screw, providing flexibility in positioning. Additionally, furry and foam windscreens are included for outdoor and indoor use, ensuring optimal sound capture in any environment.

Secure Your Investment with Premium Carrying Case
The EM-98MS comes complete with a premium carrying case that safeguards your microphone during transport and storage. With its thoughtful design and comprehensive features, the Mackie EM-98MS Condenser Microphone is the ultimate tool for capturing audio with unparalleled clarity and professionalism.

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