Pioneer DJ DM-40D-BT 4-inch Desktop Active Monitor Speaker with Bluetooth - Black


Pioneer DJ DM-40D-W 4-inch Desktop Active Monitor Speaker - White

Pioneer DJ DM-40D-BT-W 4-inch Desktop Active Monitor Speaker with Bluetooth - White

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38W Powered Studio Monitor with 4" Woofer, 0.75" Tweeter, 2 DSP Modes, and Bluetooth (pair) - White
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  • 4-inch top-tier studio monitor duo crafted for DJs
  • Crystal audio clarity with 96kHz sampling DSP
  • Dual modes: Production for sonic purity and DJ for live ambiance
  • Bass reflex design for unmatched bass delivery
  • DECO diffuser ensures pristine highs
  • Convenient front-facing volume control
  • Silent sessions with headphone output
  • Versatile ports: RCA and mini jack
  • Bluetooth compatibility for a wide spectrum of devices.

Discover the Sound Revolution
Every DJ and producer knows the difference a powerful monitor can make. Pioneer DJ's latest DM series doesn't just join the ranks, it leads them. Drawing the essence from Pioneer’s distinguished S-DJX series and Pro Audio lineage, the DM-40D-BT-W Desktop Active Monitors are the epitome of bass potency and sonic balance.

Under the Hood Mastery
Dive deep into the DM-40D-BT-W's architecture, and you'll discover Class D amplification, a robust four-inch woofer ensuring bass that commands attention, coupled with a 0.75-inch tweeter that paints a generous canvas of sound. With dedicated modes, switch seamlessly from DJ to Production, tuning into DSP settings that match your craft. And with Bluetooth, experience true auditory freedom.

Design Meets Function
At first glance, the DM-40D-BT-W reveals its sculpted grooved ducts. But these aren't mere aesthetics. Crafted for performance, they drastically cut down air friction, delivering tight bass, even when snug against a wall. The DECO convex diffusers are the unsung heroes, steering high frequencies to craft a 3D stereo soundscape, ensuring no note goes unnoticed.

Boundless Connectivity
Your music deserves versatility. The DM-40D-BT-W ensures you’re always in sync, offering RCA, mini jack, and a headphone port. But why stop at cables? With Bluetooth, tether effortlessly to smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and let your tracks breathe without the binds.

Precision-Tuned Performance
Equipped with a 96kHz DSP, the DM-40D-BT-W isn't just about playing music; it's about experiencing it. Choose Production mode for a flat frequency profile, ideal for dissecting every nuance. Or step into DJ mode, recreating the ambient vibe of PA speakers, letting you feel the crowd’s pulse even before you hit the stage.


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