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Pioneer DJ DM-40D-BT 4-inch Desktop Active Monitor Speaker with Bluetooth - Black

Pioneer DJ DM-40D 4-inch Desktop Active Monitor Speaker - Black

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38-watt Powered Studio Monitor with 4" Woofer, 0.75" Tweeter, and 2 DSP Modes (pair) - Black
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  • Designed specifically for DJs with a 4-inch studio monitor pair
  • Onboard 96kHz sampling DSP for unmatched audio clarity
  • Toggle between Production mode for a flat frequency response and DJ mode tailored for DJ applications
  • Bass reflex enclosure ensures deep and resonant bass
  • DECO convex diffuser delivers pristine high-end audio
  • Intuitive front-facing volume knob for instant adjustments
  • Silent listening with dedicated headphone output
  • Multiple connections, including RCA and mini jack.

Your Ultimate Home Studio Companion!
When it comes to delivering unparalleled sound for DJing and producing, the Pioneer DJ DM-40D Desktop Active Monitors have set a new benchmark. Merging top-tier elements from Pioneer's revered S-DJX series and Pro Audio speakers, these monitors ensure an audio experience like no other.

Punchy Bass & Balanced Sound
The DM-40D is no ordinary monitor. Crafted with precision, it infuses rich, tight bass and a balanced audio profile that'll leave you spellbound. From the pulsating lows to the crispest highs, every beat is reproduced in immaculate detail.

Switch Between DJ and Production Modes
Flexibility is key. Whether you're producing your next big track or DJing a set, toggle effortlessly between the DJ and Production modes. The onboard 96kHz DSP accentuates every sound, ensuring you hear the track just as intended.

Advanced Sound Engineering
Notice the unique grooved ducts? They're not just for aesthetics. These meticulously designed ducts minimize air friction from the front-loaded bass reflex system, guaranteeing punchy bass, especially when placed close to a wall. The DECO convex diffusers ensure a vast sweet spot with a clear 3D stereo sound, thanks to the impeccable alignment of tweeter and woofer.

Versatility in Connections
Your studio, your rules. With a suite of connection options including RCA, mini jack, and a front-facing headphone output, the DM-40D caters to all your audio needs. Whether you're mixing, producing, or simply enjoying music, the DM-40D ensures an unmatched sonic experience.

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