Focusrite Vocaster One Studio USB-C Podcast Audio Interface Bundle

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USB-C Podcasting Audio Interface Bundle with Focusrite Vocaster One, Microphone, Headphones, and XLR Cable - Mac/PC
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Vocaster One Studio


  • Vocaster One interface delivers broadcast-quality sound tailor-made for podcasting
  • Gain knob delivers over 70dB of gain, compatible with a wide range of microphones without requiring a booster
  • Volume knob for precise headphone and monitor levels
  • Auto Gain button sets gain levels while talking
  • Enhance button with three podcaster-approved presets for voice enhancement
  • Mute button to silence sound sources instantly
  • Connect to a phone via TRRS cable to capture conversations, music, and more
  • TRS input for easy camera audio connection
  • Stereo Loopback grabs audio from a computer for intros/outros and more
  • Vocaster DM1 microphone, HP60v headphones, and XLR cable included for a complete out-of-the-box solution
  • Includes software bundle: Hindenburg Lite (with 6-month trial of Pro version), aCast (6-month Influence Plan), SquadCast Pro + Video (3-month trial), and Ampify Studio (6-month premium trial)

The Focusrite Vocaster One Studio Pack: Elevating Your Podcasting Experience
When it comes to podcasting, nothing is more important than clear and professional audio. That's why you need the Focusrite Vocaster One, a USB interface designed precisely for podcast projects. Packed with incredible features, this interface takes your podcast recordings to the next level, providing crystal-clear sound and fine-tuning options that ensure perfection.

Unleashing the Power of Vocaster One's Features
At first glance, the Vocaster One may resemble other portable interfaces, but a closer look reveals its unique and outstanding features. The interface boasts a gain knob with over 70dB on tap, allowing you to work with a wide range of microphones without requiring a booster. The volume knob ensures you can dial in perfect monitor and headphone levels for optimal recording sessions.

Studio-Quality Sound from the Source
The true magic of the Vocaster One lies in its tailor-made buttons that bring studio shine to your recordings from the get-go. The Auto Gain function makes setting your gain level a breeze; simply push the button, start talking, and let the Vocaster One handle the rest! The Enhance function offers three podcaster-focused presets, accentuating the natural qualities of your voice. Additionally, the Mute button quickly silences sound sources, ensuring your audience stays focused on your content.

Extensive Connectivity Options
The Vocaster One stands out with its numerous connectivity options. Alongside the standard XLR input for microphones, the TRRS connectivity enables direct connection to phones and other compatible devices, making recording conversations, music, and more a seamless process. Working with camera audio is equally easy, as you can connect your camera to the Vocaster One via a single TRS cable to optimize your sound before entering the editing stage. The Stereo Loopback function simplifies grabbing audio from your computer for intros and outros.

The Complete Podcasting Solution
With the Vocaster One Studio Pack, you get everything needed to hit the ground running in a rock-solid bundle. The pack includes the Vocaster One interface, delivering broadcast-quality sound tailored for podcasting, as well as the Vocaster DM1 microphone, HP60v headphones, and an XLR cable. This all-in-one solution ensures you have all the essential tools to create professional-grade podcasts right out of the box.

Software Bundle for Enhanced Podcast Production
To further enhance your podcast production, the Vocaster One comes with an impressive software bundle. This bundle includes Hindenburg Lite, complete with a 6-month trial of the Pro version, aCast with a 6-month Influence Plan, SquadCast Pro + Video with a 3-month trial, and Ampify Studio with a 6-month premium trial. These powerful tools complement the Vocaster One's capabilities, helping you produce high-quality podcasts with ease.

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