Adam Audio A8H-L Side 3-Way Active Studio Monitor - Left Side


Adam Audio T5V T-Series Active Nearfield Monitor, Single

Adam Audio A8H-R Side 3-Way Active Studio Monitor - Right Side

3-way Powered Studio Monitor with 8" LF Driver, 3.5" Midrange Driver, X-ART HF Driver, and Onboard DSP (each) - Right
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This item includes a 2 year Adam Audio Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty can be extended on some products to 5 years if the item is registered with Adam Audio after your purchase.

  - 3-way design boosts efficiency and ensures clarity in all frequency ranges
  - Tri-amplification feeds each speaker the optimal amount of power
  - 8-inch MLM woofer delivers chest-thumping lows
  - 3.5-inch MLM midrange driver provides extra clarity
  - X-ART tweeter pumps out clear, precise high-end
  - Rotatable HPS waveguide lets you customize the high-end dispersion
  - Onboard DSP allows you to shape your sound
  - Native integration with Sonorworks SoundID Reference plug-in (sold separately) allows you to dial in the perfect sound for your room
  - 24-bit A/D conversion and 92kHz sampling rate preserve your audio quality
  - Includes balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs

Stellar Sound Performance
The A8H, the apex of the A Series, offers meticulously accurate sound, perfect for discerning audio lovers. Equipped with an 8-inch Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) fiber woofer, innovative midrange driver, and a handmade X-ART tweeter, it provides an impressively wide frequency response. With its adaptable HPS waveguide technology and onboard DSP, it ensures perfect sound tuning. Suitable for various audio applications in mid- to full-sized spaces, the A8H is your go-to for an exquisite audio representation.

Innovative Tweeter Design
Adam Audio's HPS waveguide technology in the A Series ensures uniform sound dispersion. This unique design can rotate 90-degrees, allowing you to position the speakers as you like. The waveguide, made from a new glass fiber polymer compound, along with the German-made X-ART tweeter, ensures a crystal-clear sound with outstanding precision.

Exceptional Woofer Construction
The unique mineral stone fiber composition of A Series woofers results in a lightweight yet stable material. Matched with a new magnet system, it ensures high output with minimal distortion, delivering a pure low-end.

Midrange Driver Excellence
The A Series midrange driver, inspired by the ADAM Audio DCH™ technology, ensures a pristine sound in the critical midrange frequency. A dedicated driver eliminates coloration, clarifies highs and lows, and significantly reduces distortion.

Amplification and Room Adaptation
Blending the best of digital and analogue worlds, the A Series uses Class D and AB amplifiers for woofers and tweeters respectively. This results in linear performance, reduced distortion, and smooth high-frequency reproduction. Also, the A Series offers room adaptation equalization with over 100 tuning options to mitigate typical acoustic issues due to speaker placement. Lastly, the DSP-based electronics ensure superior tuning precision and integrate the latest updates from ADAM Audio.

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