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Zoom TPS-5 Tabletop Tripod

Tabletop Tripod
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  • Tailor-made for Zoom recorders including Q2n-4K, H2n, and H4n Pro
  • Swivel-adjustable ball head with 1/4"-20 mounting screw
  • Compatible with a wide range of compact audio and video devices
  • Rubber feet for enhanced stability and positioning
  • Transformative versatility for handheld recorders, cameras, and accessories
  • Doubles as a convenient handgrip for recording on the move

Elevate Your Recording Setup: Discover the Zoom TPS-5 Tripod Stand

Unleash the true potential of your Zoom recorders with the versatile Zoom TPS-5 Tripod Stand. Designed to perfectly complement devices like the Q2n-4K, H2n, and H4n Pro, this tripod stand redefines stability and convenience for your recording sessions. Elevate your audio and video recording experience, whether you're a content creator, musician, or filmmaker.

Swift Setup, Maximum Stability
Experience hassle-free recording setup with the Zoom TPS-5 Tripod Stand. Its intuitive design allows for quick assembly, so you can focus on capturing your creativity without delay. Boasting a swivel-adjustable ball head with a 1/4"-20 mounting screw, this stand accommodates a wide range of compact audio and video devices. Whether you're capturing musical performances, interviews, or vlogs, the TPS-5 ensures your equipment remains securely positioned for optimal recording quality.

Versatility Redefined
The Zoom TPS-5 Tripod Stand isn't limited to supporting just your Zoom recorders. Its ingenious design extends its utility to a variety of compact devices and accessories. Whether you're using a handheld recorder, a camera, or even accessories like external microphones or lights, the TPS-5 offers a sturdy foundation to enhance your recording experience.

Compact and Portable
Designed for the modern creative, the Zoom TPS-5 Tripod Stand is the epitome of portability. With a height of just over 6", it strikes the perfect balance between stability and space-saving convenience. Its compact form factor makes it an ideal companion for on-the-go recording, ensuring that you're always equipped to capture moments of inspiration, wherever they strike.

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