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On-Stage Stands DB1000 Active Direct Box

On-Stage Stands DB2050 Active Multi-Media DI Box

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On-Stage DB2050 Active Multi-Media DI Box
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  • Converts line-level stereo input to balanced, low-impedance stereo output
  • Maintains signal quality over extended cable lengths
  • Active circuit with premium transformer for low distortion
  • -15 dB pad switch prevents clipping

On-Stage Stands DB2050: Elevate Your Audio Experience
Introducing the On-Stage Stands DB2050, a transformational tool that takes your audio capabilities to new heights. Designed to convert line-level stereo inputs into balanced, low-impedance stereo (XLR) outputs, this innovation empowers you to achieve superior sound quality and versatility like never before.

Precision Sound Conversion: From Stereo to Balanced Brilliance
The DB2050 is your gateway to precision sound conversion. By transforming line-level stereo inputs into balanced, low-impedance stereo outputs, your audio maintains its fidelity across the board. Say goodbye to frequency loss and welcome crystal-clear sound, even when transmitting your signal over long cables.

Elevated Signal Path: Where Quality Meets Performance
At the heart of the DB2050 lies an active circuitry boasting a high-quality transformer. This advanced design ensures low distortion and an isolated signal path, preserving your audio's clarity and purity. Your sound will resonate with accuracy and power, captivating your audience and elevating your performance.

Clipping Protection: Your Sound, Uncompromised
The DB2050 understands the importance of maintaining audio integrity. Its -15 dB pad switch acts as a guardian against clipping, guaranteeing that your sound remains distortion-free even during intense performances. Whether you're a musician, audio engineer, or enthusiast, the DB2050 ensures your sound is heard at its best.

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