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Gator GFW-GTR-1500 Frameworks Single Hanging Guitar Stand with Self-Locking Yoke

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Frameworks Single Hanging Guitar Stand with Self-Locking Yoke
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  • Deluxe Guitar Stand with Exceptional Stability
  • Stylish and Secure Design Complements Your Guitar's Aesthetic
  • Foldable Design for Easy Storage and Transportation
  • Soft-Touch Rubberized Feet Prevent Slippage
  • Integrated Safety Features Enhance Security
  • Padded Cradle and Neck Support Protect Guitar Finish
  • Quick and Easy Setup for Various Guitar Styles

Gator GFW-GTR-1500: Frameworks Deluxe Guitar Stand
The Gator GFW-GTR-1500, a part of the Frameworks series, is a deluxe guitar stand designed to provide secure support, convenient features, and stylish aesthetics for your beloved guitar. Whether you're on stage, in the studio, or at home, this guitar stand offers a reliable solution for safely displaying and storing your instrument.

Exceptional Stability and Support
Built to accommodate a wide range of guitar styles and sizes, the GFW-GTR-1500 offers exceptional stability and support. Its durable construction ensures that your guitar remains securely positioned without the risk of tipping or sliding.

Stylish and Secure Design
The sleek and modern design of this guitar stand complements the aesthetic of your instrument. The padded cradle and neck support keep your guitar snugly in place while preventing scratches or damage to the finish.

Convenient Foldable Design
Equipped with a collapsible design, the GFW-GTR-1500 is incredibly convenient for both storage and transportation. Its foldable nature allows you to take it on the go and set it up easily whenever you need to use it.

Soft-Touch Rubberized Feet
To prevent any movement or slippage, the stand is outfitted with soft-touch rubberized feet. These feet provide a stable grip on various surfaces, ensuring that your guitar remains securely in place.

Integrated Safety Features
The GFW-GTR-1500 is designed with integrated safety features that further enhance the security of your guitar. A red safety trim on the feet serves as a visual indicator, alerting you if the stand is not securely set up.

Padded Cradle and Neck Support
Both the cradle and neck support are thoughtfully padded to protect your guitar's finish and neck. This padding ensures that your instrument remains pristine and free from scratches.

Quick and Easy Setup
Setting up the GFW-GTR-1500 is a breeze. With its intuitive design, you can have your guitar securely displayed within seconds. The stand's stability and ease of use make it a reliable choice for live performances, recording sessions, and home use.

Ideal for Various Guitar Styles
Whether you have an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or bass, the GFW-GTR-1500 is designed to accommodate a wide range of guitar styles and sizes. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various types of performances and settings.

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