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Elation Professional RDM 10 Obsidian Neutron Hybrid Splitter

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RDM 10; 10PORT AB RDM Splitter
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RDM 10


  • 10 assignable DMX outputs for precise lighting control
  • Integrated 2-universe Art-Net/sACN node for expanded networking capabilities
  • Dual DMX inputs for backup and signal loss options
  • Remote configuration via internal webpage for convenient setup management
  • 1.8" OLED display with rotary knob for intuitive on-site adjustments

Elation Lighting RDM 10: Ultimate DMX Control and Beyond
Elevate your lighting control capabilities to a new level with the Elation Lighting RDM 10. Designed to meet the demands of professionals in the entertainment industry, this cutting-edge device offers unparalleled flexibility, control, and convenience for your lighting setup.

Enhanced DMX Outputs
The Elation Lighting RDM 10 boasts 10 assignable DMX outputs, providing you with the power to effortlessly control and manage your lighting fixtures with precision. Whether you're orchestrating an intricate light show or setting up lighting effects for an event, the RDM 10 ensures that you have all the outputs you need at your fingertips.

Integrated Art-Net/sACN Node
Experience the future of lighting control with the integrated 2-universe Art-Net/sACN node. This advanced feature allows you to seamlessly control and manage lighting fixtures over Ethernet, giving you the flexibility to create intricate lighting designs and effects. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the limitless possibilities offered by the RDM 10's integrated networking capabilities.

Backup and Redundancy
Reliability is paramount in the world of entertainment. The Elation Lighting RDM 10 addresses this need by featuring dual DMX inputs. This setup allows for backup and signal loss options, ensuring that your lighting show remains uninterrupted even in the face of technical challenges. With the RDM 10, you can have confidence in the stability of your lighting setup.

Remote Configuration and Control
The Elation Lighting RDM 10 takes convenience to the next level with remote configuration via an internal webpage. This means you can make adjustments, fine-tune settings, and manage your lighting setup from a distance, saving you time and effort. The 1.8" OLED display with a rotary knob provides an intuitive interface for on-site adjustments.

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