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Elation Professional Polar Crisp Max Snow Machine

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High-power Snow Machine with Snow Cannon, Adjustable Flake Size, Air Pump Fan, Road Case, and DMX and RDM Control
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Crisp Max


  • 1,250 watts of high-output snow technology for captivating snow effects
  • Adjustable snowflake size for tailored snowfall experiences
  • Durable road case for indoor and outdoor operation, with noise reduction capability
  • Hidden 5.2-gallon fluid tank for uninterrupted snowfall
  • Projects snow up to 40 feet, filling the air with enchantment
  • APF technology and auto-clean feature for reliable and consistent snow output

Elation Lighting Crisp Max: Elevate Your Snow Experience
Introducing the Elation Lighting Crisp Max snow machine – a powerful and versatile tool that brings the enchantment of snow to new heights. Designed to create stunning snow effects with precision and flair, the Crisp Max offers an array of features that set the stage for unforgettable winter wonderland experiences.

High-Output Snow Technology
The Crisp Max boasts an impressive 1,250 watts of high-output snow technology, ensuring a snowfall that captivates and mesmerizes any audience. With adjustable snowflake size, you have the flexibility to tailor the flakes to match the unique requirements of your applications, whether it's a theater production, themed event, or holiday extravaganza.

Durable and Flexible Design
Enclosed within a durable road case, the Crisp Max is ready for action both indoors and outdoors. The road case provides not only protection but also a convenient platform for operating the snow cannon. Choose to keep the snow cannon within the road case for noise reduction or set it up on a truss or tripod for versatile positioning.

Efficient Fluid Management
Equipped with a hidden 5.2-gallon (20-liter) fluid tank inside the road case, the Crisp Max ensures that your snowfall experience remains uninterrupted. The noise-blocking layer of insulation reduces operational noise when the snowflake cannon is nestled inside the road case, preserving the magical ambiance of the snowfall.

Unleash the Snow
With a projection range of up to 40 feet (12 meters), the Crisp Max unleashes a captivating snowfall that fills the air with wonder. The combination of the Air Pump Fan (APF) technology and an auto-clean feature minimizes the risk of clogging, ensuring a smooth and consistent snow output every time.

Elevate Your Events with Elation Lighting Crisp Max
From theatrical productions to special events, the Elation Lighting Crisp Max snow machine elevates your winter-themed experiences to a whole new level. With powerful snow technology, versatile design, and efficient fluid management, the Crisp Max is your key to creating a mesmerizing snowfall that transports your audience into a world of enchantment. Whether indoors or outdoors, let the Crisp Max turn your events into unforgettable snowy spectacles.

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