Lewitt LCT-40-WXX LCT Recording Series Foam Windscreen For LCT-840 and LCT-940


On-Stage Stands ASWS58-B Foam Windscreen

Lewitt LCT 44WX Windscreen

High-quality Foam Windscreen for Lewitt LCT Microphones - Black with Green Lewitt Logo
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LCT 44 Wx



All products manufactured by LEWITT GmbH feature a limited two-year warranty. This two-year warranty is specific to the date of purchase as shown on the original purchase receipt.


  • Superior defense against hard consonant plosives for cleaner recordings.
  • UV radiation-resistant design protects the microphone during outdoor use.
  • Sleek green Lewitt logo enhances aesthetic appeal.
  • Meticulously designed for a range of Lewitt LCT microphones.

Essential Protection for Your Lewitt LCT Mic
Elevate the quality of your audio recordings with the Lewitt LCT 44WX Windscreen. Designed specifically for the Lewitt LCT series, this windscreen isn't just functional – it's a statement of style and a testament to quality.

Combat Plosives Effectively
The primary purpose of any windscreen is to guard your recordings against hard consonant plosives, and the LCT 44WX does this exceptionally well, ensuring clear and pop-free recordings.

Shield Against Harmful UV Rays
Outdoor recording comes with its challenges, one being the harmful ultraviolet radiation. With the LCT 44WX, your microphone is safeguarded against these rays, extending the longevity of the foam and other components.

Sleek Aesthetic Appeal
Not just built for protection, the windscreen boasts a stylish green Lewitt logo, adding a touch of class and identity to your microphone setup.

Precise Compatibility
While designed with precision for the LCT series, it's crucial to ensure compatibility. The windscreen is perfectly tailored for:

  • LCT 240 Pro
  • LCT 440 Pure
  • LCT 441 Flex
  • LCT 540 Subzero
  • LCT 540 S
  • LCT 640 TS microphones

Step up your microphone protection game with the Lewitt LCT 44WX Windscreen and ensure your recordings remain pop-free and pristine.

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