JBL C50PACK-WH CONTROL 50 PK (1subwoofer + 4 Satellite)

JBL C50PACK CONTROL 50 PK (1subwoofer + 4 Satellite)

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Packaged Surface-Mount Subwoofer-Satellite Loudspeaker System
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  • Experience the power of four satellite speakers that deliver an auditory symphony to elevate your space.
  • Seamlessly blend style with substance through a design that complements a wide variety of decors.
  • Immerse yourself in audio excellence, resonating with sound that's rich, detailed, and captivating.
  • Choose between selectable 70V/100V for distributed lines or low impedance, aligning with your unique needs.
  • Effortlessly integrate into your space with wall-mount brackets that provide convenience and elegance.
  • Elevate your aesthetics with a choice of black or white, ensuring a visual masterpiece that resonates with your environment.

Unleash Impeccable Sound: Control 50 Series Subwoofer-Satellite Loudspeaker System

Elevate Your Sound Experience
Discover the epitome of audio excellence with the Control 50 Series subwoofer-satellite loudspeaker system. Crafted to redefine your auditory journey, this system envelops your space in high-fidelity sound that's second to none. Ideal for a diverse array of environments including restaurants, retail stores, health clubs, and theme bars, this system effortlessly marries style with substance to deliver an auditory masterpiece.

Precision Sound Meets Elegance
Immerse yourself in the richness of high-fidelity sound, seamlessly blending into your surroundings with its stylish, unobtrusive design. The Control 50 Series captivates not only your senses but also your aesthetics, complementing a wide variety of decors. Let your space resonate with audio that's as beautiful as it is powerful.

Versatility Redefined: An Auditory Symphony
Engage in unparalleled versatility with a four-satellite speaker system that opens the door to a symphony of sonic possibilities. Whether you're seeking foreground or background music, the Control 50 Series excels in delivering the perfect audio backdrop. Experience the full range of high-fidelity sound that elevates your space into an auditory haven.

Unmatched Adaptability: Choose Your Mode
Adapt to your unique setup with selectable 70V/100V for distributed lines or low impedance. The Control 50 Series seamlessly integrates into your audio environment, offering a tailored experience that aligns with your needs. Experience audio that's as dynamic as your creativity.

Seamless Installation: Convenience at Your Fingertips
Experience unparalleled convenience with wall-mount brackets that accompany the Control 50 Series. Effortlessly integrate these masterpieces into your space, transforming your environment into an auditory oasis. Elevate your sound without compromising on aesthetics.

Aesthetic Options: A Sonic Palette in Black or White
Choose between two elegant color options, black or white, to further elevate your space's aesthetics. The Control 50 Series is not only a sound investment but also a visual masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into your environment.

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