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Hollyland HL-Mars T1000 Full-Duplex Intercom System with Four Beltpack Transceivers

Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System with 1000' Range
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HL-Mars T1000


  • Perfect for broadcasting, forum meetings, business activities, education, and training
  • Achieve full-duplex wireless communication with a range of 1000', ensuring real-time and latency-free audio transmission
  • Wireless tally function for accurate communication using beltpack screen colors
  • Comprehensive package includes five single-sided headsets
  • Base station supports up to four rechargeable beltpack transceivers, featuring remote mic kill functionality and adjustable volume control
  • USB Type-C and four USB Type-A ports on the base station for connectivity convenience
  • Integrated dual L-series battery plates offer versatile power options
  • Beltpack transceivers come with built-in lithium batteries for up to eight hours of operation
  • User-friendly design with OLED screens, menu navigation buttons, and individual mute/call buttons
  • Elevate communication efficiency and clarity with the Hollyland Full-Duplex Intercom System, a game-changing solution for various applications

Revolutionize Communication with Hollyland Full-Duplex Intercom System
Experience seamless and clear communication in broadcasting, meetings, training sessions, and more with the Hollyland Full-Duplex Intercom System featuring Four Beltpack Transceivers. This cutting-edge system enables efficient two-way communication over an impressive range of up to 1000 feet. Whether you're in a studio, training room, or conducting business activities, this intercom system ensures uninterrupted and instantaneous audio transmission without any latency.

Comprehensive Communication Solution
Designed to elevate communication experiences, this intercom system includes a base station, four beltpack transceivers, and five high-quality headsets. It offers a holistic solution for various settings, making it perfect for broadcasting, forum meetings, business activities, education, and training. With its full-duplex wireless communication capability, you can engage in simultaneous two-way conversations effortlessly, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Wireless Tally and Accurate Communication
One of the standout features of the Hollyland Intercom System is the wireless tally function, providing accurate communication by using beltpack screen colors. This innovative addition ensures effective coordination, allowing everyone to stay on the same page without confusion. The system's ability to display the status of each beltpack on the base station's built-in OLED screen further enhances communication clarity.

Exceptional Base Station Functionality
The base station is the heart of this communication system. It accommodates up to four rechargeable beltpack transceivers and features a remote mic kill function for added control. The front panel offers adjustable volume control, while the integrated USB Type-C and four USB Type-A ports provide versatile connectivity options. The base station also boasts integrated dual L-series battery plates, allowing it to operate using optional L-series batteries for ultimate flexibility.

Beltpack Transceivers for Enhanced Mobility
The included beltpack transceivers are designed for convenience and mobility. Each beltpack comes equipped with a built-in lithium battery, offering up to eight hours of operating time. The user-friendly design includes a power switch, volume control, and a mute/call button for easy operation. The OLED screen and menu navigation buttons ensure a seamless interface, displaying vital information such as battery status, wireless signal strength, and beltpack number.

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