Chauvet DJ D-Fi XLR Pack


Chauvet DJ DMX-AN 2 Art-Net/sACN Node Ethernet to 2 DMX Universe

Chauvet DJ D-Fi XLR Receiver Wireless DMX Receiver

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Wireless DMX D-Fi Receiver for Fixtures
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  • The Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver brings you instant wireless communication, revolutionizing the way you control your lighting fixtures. No more tangled cables or restrictive setups – experience the convenience of wireless DMX control like never before.
  • Designed for seamless integration, this receiver plugs directly into your device's XLR port. It's a hassle-free solution that requires no complicated installations or additional hardware. Simply connect and go!
  • Enjoy the flexibility of receiving DMX and master/slave signals between similar fixtures. The Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver enables synchronized communication across multiple devices, enhancing the cohesiveness of your lighting display.
  • Stay in control with LED indicators that visually display the wireless channels in use. This intuitive feature allows you to monitor your connections at a glance, ensuring a smooth and error-free operation.
  • Powered by a robust battery, the Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver offers an impressive 10 hours of runtime on just a 2.5-hour charge. With this long-lasting performance, your lighting setup remains reliable throughout your events.
  • Bid farewell to the need for an external power supply. The Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver operates efficiently on its internal battery, streamlining your setup and enhancing portability.

Experience Seamless Wireless DMX Control with CHAUVET DJ Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional wired setups and embrace the freedom of wireless DMX control with the CHAUVET DJ Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver. This ingenious receiver redefines convenience and flexibility, allowing you to operate your standard wired DMX fixtures wirelessly. With its compact design and powerful features, the Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver is a game-changer for lighting professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Applications and Potential Uses
The CHAUVET DJ Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver opens up a world of possibilities for various applications. Whether you're orchestrating a captivating light show, transforming event spaces, or enhancing stage performances, this wireless receiver offers unparalleled versatility. From live concerts and theater productions to corporate events and weddings, the Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver empowers you to take complete control of your lighting setup.

Embrace the future of lighting control with the CHAUVET DJ Wireless D-Fi XLR Receiver. Elevate your events, eliminate cable clutter, and immerse your audience in a dynamic visual experience. With its reliable wireless communication and user-friendly design, this receiver ensures that your lighting setup matches your vision with precision.

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