Gator Cases GM-1WP ATA Molded Case for A Single Wireless Mic System

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ATA Molded Case for A Single Wireless Mic System
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  • Rugged stackable polyethylene construction
  • Designed for single wireless system use in the case
  • Includes space for the body pack and microphone
  • Antenna access for extended antenna use while in the case
  • Space for lavalieres, cables, and wireless mic with transmitter mounted
  • Front and rear access for easy field setup
  • Adjustable tray height for customizable storage

Gator GM-1WP: Your Wireless System's Trusted Guardian
When it comes to safeguarding your valuable wireless system, the Gator GM-1WP stands as a reliable and rugged choice. Crafted with care, this case is designed to provide optimum protection and organization for your wireless gear, ensuring that you're always prepared for seamless performances.

Robust Protection: Stackable Polyethylene Construction
Constructed with rugged stackable polyethylene, the Gator GM-1WP is built to withstand the rigors of travel and performance. This durable material offers a protective shield against impacts and keeps your wireless gear safe from potential damage.

Optimized Organization: Designed for Single Wireless System
Tailored to accommodate a single wireless system, the Gator GM-1WP keeps your equipment neatly organized. It provides designated spaces for the body pack, microphone, lavalieres, cables, and even a wireless mic with the transmitter mounted – everything you need in one place.

Stay Connected: Extended Antenna Access
Worried about connectivity? The Gator GM-1WP features antenna access that allows you to extend your antennas while they're safely inside the case. Say goodbye to the hassle of detaching and reattaching antennas – now you can focus on delivering a flawless performance.

Effortless Setup: Front and Rear Access
Setting up your wireless system is a breeze with the Gator GM-1WP. It offers both front and rear access, making field setup quick and hassle-free. No more struggling with tight spaces – simply unzip the case and get ready to shine on stage.

Customizable Convenience: Adjustable Tray Height
The Gator GM-1WP takes customization to the next level with its adjustable tray height. This feature ensures that your wireless gear fits snugly and securely, providing extra peace of mind during transport and performances.

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