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Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-GN13 Black Gooseneck - 13"

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Gooseneck Mic Stand Adapter with Flexible Neck and Male/Female Threaded Ends - Black
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  • 13" Gooseneck Adapter for Microphone Stands
  • Flexible and Tough Design
  • Promotes Natural Singing and Speaking Techniques
  • Great for Stage, Studio, and Desktop Applications
  • Ideal for Singing Drummers and Diversifying Mic Setups
  • Modern Black Finish
  • Part of the Gator Frameworks Series

Frameworks GFW-MIC-GN13: 13" Gooseneck Microphone Stand Adapter
The Frameworks GFW-MIC-GN13 is a versatile gooseneck microphone stand adapter designed to enhance your microphone setup in various applications, from stage performances to studio recordings and even desktop use. This gooseneck adapter provides 13 inches of flexible and tough material that allows you to position your microphone with precision.

Flexible and Tough Design
Constructed with durability in mind, the GFW-MIC-GN13 features a flexible yet rugged design. The gooseneck allows you to bend, twist, and adjust the position of your microphone according to your specific needs, ensuring that you can achieve the perfect placement for optimal audio capture.

Promotes Natural Singing and Speaking Techniques
One of the key benefits of using a gooseneck adapter like the GFW-MIC-GN13 is that it puts distance between the microphone and the stand itself. This added distance promotes a more natural singing and speaking technique, allowing performers to maintain a comfortable posture and engage with their audience more effectively.

Ideal for Various Applications
Whether you're a singing drummer, a vocalist who plays an instrument, or simply someone looking to diversify their microphone setup, the GFW-MIC-GN13 offers a practical solution. Its 13-inch length provides ample reach to accommodate different needs and preferences.

Modern Black Finish
The GFW-MIC-GN13 features a sleek and modern black finish that blends well with various microphone stands and setups. Its unobtrusive appearance ensures that it won't distract from your performance or recording environment.

Part of the Gator Frameworks Series
As part of the Gator Frameworks series, the GFW-MIC-GN13 benefits from the reputation of Gator Cases for producing high-quality, reliable, and well-designed audio accessories. The Frameworks series is known for providing practical solutions for musicians, performers, and audio professionals.

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