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Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2110 Deluxe Tripod Base Boom Mic Stand

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Heavy-duty Tripod Microphone Stand with Single-hand Clutch
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  • Tripod Base for Stability
  • Single Section Boom Arm
  • Deluxe One-Handed Clutch for Height Adjustment
  • Height Range: 38 to 77 Inches
  • Built-in Cable Management
  • Heavy-Duty Construction

Frameworks GFW-MIC-2110: Tripod Microphone Stand with Single Section Boom and Deluxe One-Handed Clutch
The Frameworks GFW-MIC-2110 is a high-quality tripod microphone stand designed to provide exceptional stability, versatility, and ease of use. With its innovative features and thoughtful design, this stand is an excellent choice for various recording, live sound, and broadcasting applications.

Tripod Base for Stability
The GFW-MIC-2110 features a sturdy tripod base that ensures optimal stability during use. This tripod design prevents tipping and wobbling, making the stand suitable for both studio and stage settings.

Single Section Boom
Equipped with a single section boom arm, this microphone stand offers extended reach and flexible positioning options. The boom arm allows you to adjust the microphone's angle and distance, making it ideal for capturing a variety of sound sources.

Deluxe One-Handed Clutch
One of the standout features of the GFW-MIC-2110 is the deluxe one-handed clutch. This innovative clutch system allows you to adjust the stand's height with just one hand, leaving your other hand free for microphone adjustments or other tasks. The one-handed clutch provides quick and precise height adjustments, enhancing your workflow and efficiency.

Height Range: 38 to 77 Inches
With a height range of 38 to 77 inches (965 to 1956 mm), this microphone stand offers versatile positioning options to accommodate various recording and performance scenarios. Whether you're recording vocals, miking instruments, or conducting interviews, you can find the perfect height for your needs.

Cable Management Included
To keep your setup organized and clutter-free, the GFW-MIC-2110 features built-in cable management. This feature allows you to route microphone cables along the stand's frame, reducing tangling and tripping hazards.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Constructed with durability in mind, the GFW-MIC-2110 is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. Its heavy-duty construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable choice for regular studio and stage use.

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