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Yellowtec YT3277 Camera Mount


Camera Mount to Attach Cameras Via 1/4" Thread

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  • Customize your workspace setup with the Yellowtec YT3277 for flexible mounting solutions
  • Versatile options for mounting m!ka System Poles to desks, ceilings, and more
  • Enjoy a secure and reliable mounting solution designed to withstand professional use
  • Easy installation without the need for complicated tools
  • Enhance efficiency and aesthetics by keeping equipment accessible and organized
  • Create a clean and streamlined workspace that promotes productivity and creativity

Yellowtec YT3277: Enhance Your Workspace with Flexible Mounting Solutions
The Yellowtec YT3277 offers a versatile and flexible solution for mounting m!ka System Poles, allowing you to create a customized workspace that suits your needs. Whether you're setting up a studio, office, or creative space, this accessory provides convenience and adaptability.

Customized Workspace Setup
With the YT3277, you can easily mount m!ka System Poles in various configurations to achieve your desired workspace setup. Whether you need to attach poles to desks, ceilings, or other surfaces, this accessory gives you the flexibility to create a workspace that works for you.

Versatile Mounting Options
This accessory opens up a world of possibilities for mounting m!ka System Poles. Attach poles to desks for easy access to your equipment, mount them to ceilings for overhead solutions, or explore other mounting options to suit your specific needs.

Secure and Reliable
Yellowtec is known for its commitment to quality, and the YT3277 lives up to that reputation. Enjoy a secure and reliable mounting solution that ensures your equipment is properly supported and accessible. This accessory is designed to withstand the demands of professional use.

Easy Installation
The YT3277 is designed for easy installation, making it a user-friendly choice for setting up your workspace. Create a secure and stable mounting point for m!ka System Poles without the need for complicated tools or extensive technical expertise.

Enhance Efficiency and Aesthetics
By offering a flexible and organized mounting solution, the YT3277 enhances the efficiency and aesthetics of your workspace. Keep your equipment accessible and create a clean, streamlined environment that promotes productivity and creativity.

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