Atlas Sound AA400PHD 6-Input, 400 Watt Mixer Amplifier

Atlas Sound AA200PHD 6-Input, 200-Watt Mixer Amplifier with Automatic System Test (PHD)

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6-Input, 200-Watt Mixer Amplifier with Automatic System Test (PHD)
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Warranty Period:  36 months from date of purchase


  • Suitable for 110-120 VAC (US) voltage range
  • Delivers a robust 200W into 25/70.7V and 4-ohm settings
  • Equipped with the unique Push Here Diagnostic for automated system tests
  • Supports four balanced Mic/Line/Tel inputs with phantom power availability
  • Incorporates three unbalanced, summing line-level inputs
  • Provides an input assignable zone 2 output feature
  • Comes with Remote Level Control and Remote Input Select capabilities
  • Integrated line output and preamp for external processors
  • Variable mute sensitivity for Input 1 and contact closure mute terminals
  • Rear DIP switch for additional input muting options

Discover the Power of AA200PHD Mixer Amplifier
Step into the realm of unmatched audio performance with the AA200PHD 6-Input 200W Mixer Amplifier. Specifically crafted for distributed business paging, background music systems, extensive speech privacy setups, and diverse applications like music on hold and focused paging, this amplifier doesn’t just amplify sound—it elevates every auditory experience.

Versatile Input for Diverse Requirements
The AA200PHD Amp is a true representation of versatility. Be it paging microphones, media players, or digital music receivers, this mixer amplifier can seamlessly connect with a range of devices. With four microphone/line inputs and an additional two stereo line inputs, you're equipped to handle multiple audio sources with ease.

Advanced Diagnostics with a Single Push
One of the standout features of the AA200PHD Amp is its integrated automatic system test, fondly termed the Push Here Diagnostic (PHD). A simple press ensures that your speaker lines are checked for potential wiring and impedance discrepancies. This proactive measure ensures that your speakers are set up perfectly, avoiding common pitfalls that can affect audio quality.

Remote Capabilities for User Convenience
Adding a layer of convenience, the AA200PHD Amp introduces the Remote Input Selection and Remote Level Control. While the main unit does the heavy lifting, users have the freedom to select inputs and modulate the volume via the WPD-RISRL remote wall plate, even if it's placed 200 feet away!

Dive Deeper into Technical Brilliance
With an impressive 200W output power that's compatible with 25/70.7V or 4-ohm speaker systems, this amplifier is ready for any audio challenge. Tailor your output with the rear-panel DIP switch, create an exclusive Zone 2 output, or set up the unit to ensure certain inputs are muted during specific operations—like during a page. Plus, the flexibility to choose between Mic or Line input for Inputs 1 to 4, and the added advantage of phantom power, truly sets this amplifier apart.

More Information
UPC / EAN 612079190867
Brand Atlas Sound
Product Condition New
Availability In Stock

Frequency Response:     50Hz - 15kHz
Connector Type:     4 Position Phoenix 3.5mm Pitch
Power Output:     Max. Average Power @ 50Hz-15kHz with .5% THD, 4Ω 200W RMS
Height:     3.66" (93mm)
Width:     16.54" (420mm)
Depth:     14.6" (422mm)
Weight:     26lb
Shipping Weight:     29.5lb
Voltage Compatibility:     110V - 120V
Warranty Period:     36 months from date of purchase