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Focusrite RedNet D16R MkII 16 Channel AES3 Dante I/O Interface w/ Level Control and Redundant Network & Power

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16-channel AES3-RedNet Bridge, with Redundant Power Supplies and Redundant Network Connections
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RedNet D16R MkII


  • Expand your RedNet system with 16 channels of AES3 connectivity
  • Remote control over channel levels via RedNet Control software
  • Dual Ethernet connectors for network redundancy, with locking etherCON connectors
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Brooklyn II Dante chipset for up to 32 Tx and 32 Rx flows
  • 2 channels of S/PDIF digital I/O for more flexibility
  • Asynchronous sample rate converters (ASRC) allow AES3 and RedNet systems to operate simultaneously at different sample rates
  • Free Brainworx bx_console re-creation of Focusrite's ISA 110 and ISA 130 modules

Unmatched Reliability for Live Sound and Broadcast Environments
The Focusrite RedNet D16R MkII AES3-RedNet bridge offers outstanding performance and unbeatable reliability, making it an ideal choice for live sound and broadcast environments. With redundant power supplies and network connectivity, this interface ensures seamless operation and peace of mind in demanding applications. The RedNet D16R MkII provides 16 channels of AES3 digital I/O, offering flexibility and convenience accessible from anywhere on your RedNet network.

Flexibility and Convenience with Customizable Sample Rates
A standout feature of the RedNet D16R MkII is its ability to provide customizable sample rates for each input pair. This feature allows effortless incorporation of AES signals from various sources without worrying about sample rate mismatches. Whether you're managing a live sound system, an educational facility, or any other large audio installation, the RedNet D16R MkII offers the flexibility to streamline your workflow and maintain exceptional audio quality.

Seamless Integration and Expansion with RedNet
The RedNet system enables the seamless networking of multiple audio interfaces across different locations using a simple Ethernet cable. The RedNet D16R MkII takes this integration to the next level, allowing you to expand your RedNet system with up to 16 channels of digital I/O via AES3-equipped mixing consoles and audio interfaces. This opens up possibilities to connect various audio sources and access them conveniently across your RedNet network.

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters for Smooth Operation
The RedNet D16R MkII eliminates worries about sample rate mismatches. Its asynchronous sample rate converters on each input pair ensure smooth operation, even when your RedNet system operates at one sample rate, and you're connecting via AES at a different rate. Enjoy a hassle-free experience without the need to adjust sample rates manually.

User-Friendly Control Panel
As a key component of a large-scale system, the RedNet D16R MkII is equipped with a user-friendly software control panel that enables easy control and re-routing of signals. With access to the RedNet network, you have complete control over every RedNet device connected to the network, no matter where you are in your facility.

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