EAW VFR109i White 10 inch Two-way Passive Speaker


Electro-Voice EBK1-M10-3PACK Forged M10 Eyebolt Kit for ELX200 Speakers (Set of 3)

EAW VFR129i White Passive Speaker

VFR129i White 12" Passive Professional Loudspeaker
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VFR129i White


  • Two-way, full-range loudspeaker for superior sound quality
  • User-rotatable horn for customizable pattern control
  • Striking white finish for a blend of elegance and style

EAW VFR129i White: Elevate Your Sound and Style
Unleash the power of pristine sound and captivating aesthetics with the EAW VFR129i White. This two-way, full-range loudspeaker is a true embodiment of audio excellence and design sophistication. With a blend of cutting-edge features and a striking white finish, the VFR129i White is a testament to EAW's commitment to delivering uncompromising audio performance and visual elegance.

Immersive Sound, Unmatched Quality
Experience sound like never before with the VFR129i White's two-way, full-range design. Meticulously engineered to deliver a balanced and immersive audio experience, this loudspeaker is designed to captivate your audience with every note and beat.

Precision Pattern Control
Equipped with a user-rotatable horn, the VFR129i White allows you to tailor the pattern control to suit your environment. Whether it's a concert hall, auditorium, or any other space, you can ensure that the sound is directed precisely where it needs to be, delivering optimal coverage and clarity.

Elegance Redefined
The VFR129i White not only impresses with its sound but also with its elegant aesthetics. The striking white finish adds a touch of sophistication to any setting, seamlessly blending in while making a statement of its own.

Elevate Your Audio Experience
Whether you're a sound enthusiast, professional audio engineer, or event organizer, the EAW VFR129i White is designed to elevate your audio experience to new heights. With its powerful sound reproduction, precision pattern control, and timeless design, this loudspeaker embodies the perfect synergy of art and technology. Embrace the future of sound and style with the EAW VFR129i White and let your audience be immersed in a world of exceptional audio performance.

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